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A. Introduction:

1. History of Tourism Historical research of tourism has revealed distinctive indicators which are shared equally all over the world. Incorporated in social, economic and cultural environment, tourism followed a sequel path assuming various shapes in its gradual development. It is already accepted scientific project entitled “History of creation tourism”. Study of tourism history is important for learning about the key features of growth and specific characteristic of the host area. Despite a quantitative growth in the number of tourist facilities and over nights, they have suffered an overall drop in quality and reputation. In creation, the history of tourism therefore cannot be separated from the regional planning and equipment of tourist resorts.

B. Strategic framework for tourism

1. Management The framework needs to define roles among the various public and private sector entities involve in tourism. It needs to layout where tourism is going so that both businesses and residents can make plans with the common understanding of directions and scale. It needs to prescribe the actions that move toward tourism goals. When building new strategy framework, transition must be incorporated into the planning process. Rules need to be handed off at appropriate times, dictated either by finding cycles or tourism seasons.

2. Vision and objective The success entails maximizing the benefits of tourism while minimizing the cost and impacts. By looking to tourism, expecting social economic and environmental benefits. Seeking more positive images among neighbors and travel industry partners. To the end, it will end up creating a positive atmosphere for business investment operation, especially those businesses that locally owned and operated.


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