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I need help with my assignment that is writing *** Collaborative report.
The assignment is a group project and my part is the highlighted question below.

**** Collaborative report

Situation D: Proposal for Kindle-like devices/electronic textbooks to be used for textbook/academic purposes (institutions of higher ed would be audience).

As any college student knows, textbooks for classes are expensive and students are not likely to keep some textbooks related to classes outside of one’s major. Some students will return these books to the bookstore in an effort to recoup some of their money, while others will offer them directly to other students at a discounted price. Bookstores tend to make most of their textbook-related income from selling used textbooks, while publishers make money from new editions. Additionally, many textbook editions come with a Website companion to enhance instruction with those textbooks.

Kindle is a portable device with which someone can access texts electronically by purchasing them, usually at a discounted price off the print-version. Kindle is the original product, but Apple has a similar device too. These devices tend to cost over $200. However, there is discussion about their use as an option for textbook purchases. Also, bookstores have implemented a rental system; however, not all textbooks are available for rental, much as not all textbooks have an electronic version yet.

You work for Learned Books, a textbook publisher that is trying to think of ways to balance its desire for profitability with students’ desire to reign in book-related expenses. You understand that a company that can appeal to the market’s concerns, considering increased competition from online retail sources, will be able to stay in business. Your group is tasked with ascertaining how LB can do…...

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