Kabir Das and Communcation

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Abstract Kabir Das : Literature and Communication

Literature is the mirror of society and it is the reflection of the age, which it belongs to. Literature of any age and era shows the prevalent trend of the period when it was created and connects at its best to that era. The uniqueness of the literature of Saint Kabir is that it transcends all boundaries and limitations of time and place. In spite of the fact that his literature belongs to the period of 15th century it is still relevant, remembered, quoted and discussed with passion and fervor not only among the connoisseurs of art and literature but also among common man and youth. This article is an attempt to throw light on the various dimensions of Kabir Das’s literature and how it is still effectively communicated and in turn is used for effective communication. This paper contemplates on the varied aspects of kabir’s literature. Kabir’s literature is known for elements of mysticism, spirituality, concept of love, his objectivity in imparting moral education, his attack on vices of human behavior, hypocrisy and materialistic attitude. All these aspects are dominantly reflected in his literary works and are still relevant in today’s social scenarios which are well communicated in the form of his well remembered ‘Dohas’ and poetry. Hence, it is concluded that Kabir’s literature, in spite of being so old and classical is timeless and well applicable and connected with today’s era. His ‘Dohas’ makes an integral part of our day to day communication. Hence, it can be said that, Kabir Das has communicated with the society and is still communicating and will continue to do so through his literature which will never loose its relevance in any of the ages

Keywords: Kabir’s literature, mysticism, objectivity, value education, attack on vices of society, communicator, timeless.…...

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