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Cell phones in the classroom? The main line(source) of communication from one person to another is through a phone. There are a number of emergencies that require phone calls to be placed and phone calls to be answered. I agree that teacher should be allowed to have cell phones in the classroom.

Teacher should have cell phones in the class. One reason is for personal emergencies. Many teachers have children. One way to contact a child’s parent is through the telephone. The teacher needs a way of finding out information about their child. Although some teachers use email, many teachers only have enough time to check emails on their lunch breaks. By the time it’s the teachers’ lunch breaks, it may be too late. Cell phones are needed to handle personal emergencies.

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Furthermore, teacher need cell phones in the class because the school may have a power outage. The electrician could take hours to fix the outage. The teacher cannot use the computer or school’s phone because there is no power in the school. The teacher needs an effective way to communicate with appropriate school officials. The cell phone will allow her(teacher) to receive text messages or calls from school officials. The cell phone can be used as a flash light to keep the students calm. Cell phones will be a big help during a power outage.

Finally, there are many reasons to have cell phones. Teachers may have certain actions that require communication. The best way to communicate information in an emergency is a cell phone. Teachers should be allowed to have cell phone in the classroom.

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