Junk Food Addiction

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Thesis statement:
Can junk food addiction be called a bad habit, such as smoking in the modern society?
Supporting points:
1) What is junk food? Categories of junk food.
2) Statistics about fast-food. Health problems fast food can cause.
3) Why are people still visiting fast-food places if fast-food is often blamed for the poor health of many people?

Everyday millions of people get addicted to junk food. These are people who do not have enough time, children, or those who find it affordable to eat in fast food places because of the low prices there. The junk food can be classified in few categories - snacks, fast food, and soft drinks. The first category are the snacks, which are being brought everyday by millions of people who are not concerned about how unhealthy it is and care only about the taste. The products from the fast food restaurants such as hamburgers are the second category. A person will buy a hamburger because it is very good in taste but he or she does not consider what really is inside this "meal" and how those ingredients might harm his or her health. It is hardly possible to pass McDonalds nowadays without stopping there and having a hamburger with a big Coke. Soft drinks are also a part of the junk food area. Soft drinks are incredibly bad for people's health due to their high level of sugar and other components. Fast food is a major reason for obesity and other health problems. A research on causes of obesity done by the medical center in Boston has revealed that about 32% of youth are overweight and 72% are unfit. The junk food offered by public cafeterias contributes in this unacceptable problem. Such food contains high quantities of fats and lipids which are actually difficult to get digested. This excessive intake of fats makes them unable to get digested and thus get stored somewhere else in the body. They may also…...

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...Junk foods are very much popular among the people now days. Because of its accessibility, cost and taste, it makes themselves popular. But the hazards of junk food are also very high. Cholesterol, Obesity, Diabetics, High B.P are some of the results caused by the junk foods. Though people do not recognize the cause, they just get addicted to these foods. One of the reasons for the addiction of junk foods is the busy schedules of parents. When parents find no time to cook food in their house, due to their jobs, naturally children as well as the adults get attracted to these junk foods. Junk really means “RUBBISH”. And so, are we eating “Rubbish Foods”? Considering the ingredients, mostly every doctor suggests his patients not to eat them, but to have fresh fruits and vegetables. Now-days many companies produce packed foods which are really harmful to a body, if the body doesn’t do much exercise. Mostly in every packed food, there are high fat, sugar etc... , which affects the body badly. There will be no nutritional values for many of them and only benefit an in-taker feel in those foods is its taste. Skin problems like pimples occur because of excess in take of oil. The junk foods are mostly prepared by oils which may not be suitable for one’s body type. There are many cases which reports obesity found in small age groups. it causes severe effects in one's life. Eating while watching TV can increase the intake of foods and it can surely damage the body. There is no......

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