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Job Offer Negotiation: Joe Tech and Robust Routers
1. What do you expect to negotiate?
Leigh holds the legitimate power in the exchange between these two people. Although I believe that the contract offers Joe Tech a good starting deal which also allows him to get his foot in the door in order to work his way up to the position he wants, which is Business Development, he should negotiate the amount of money he will receive to move to Silicon Valley. Relocating is a time-consuming and expensive process and Silicon Valley is more expensive than Nashville as a place of residency, so the cost of living is higher.
2. What are you willing to exchange?
I think that although the position required is not the desired one, I am willing to accept the position and start out as Associate Product Manager in the Terabit Router Group because it is a foot in the door and a step onto the right direction. With hard work it is possible to move on up in the company and acquire the desired position in Business Development.
3. What are you willing to give up?
I think I would be willing to give up (at least for now) looking for a position in Business Development. I would take time to learn about the company and fully show my capabilities and wait for a position to be open. It is better to be “Power With” as opposed to “Power Over” because that will lead to a great relationship with the company which will hopefully help me in future promotions.
4. What items will need to be bargained in the job package and why?
I think I would take the deal as is. It is a great starting deal. It offers great bonuses, a great salary and benefits. I am trying to find something I am not happy with, but I honestly believe that it is a great starting deal to have right after college. It is important to never do an all-or-nothing deal so I think that this would be a good meeting place for both Leigh…...

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