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Learning Objectives

Understand the basic concepts in ethics, business ethics, governance  Understand the relationship between ethics and reputation  What constitutes good ethics and good governance?  Why are good ethics and good governance important?


Changes of ethics trends have brought to the expectation framework

Public Expectation (公众的期望)

There has been an increasing expectations that business exists to serve the needs of both shareholders and society.  Stakeholders’ support are ultimate to the success of businesses or professions to achieve their long-run strategic objectives.

A Stakeholder(利益相关者) is:

a person, group, organization, member or system who affects or can be affected by an organization's actions.








Creditors Lenders

Suppliers Others, including the media, who can be affected by or who can affect the achievement of the corporation’s objectives


Figure 1.1

Support of Stakeholders

Stakeholders’ support depends on the credibility(可靠 性, 可信性) that stakeholders place in corporate commitments, the corporate’s reputations and the strength of its competitive advantages. How do you get the support from stakeholders?

Support of Stakeholders

A company’s activities should respect the values and interests of the stakeholders.  Corporate directors are expected to govern their company ethically.  The corporation is increasingly expected to be accountable to stakeholders in a transparent or ethical manner.



What are the ethical issues or factors involved? Did these companies benefit (好处,利益)from their behavior(行为)? What would future…...

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