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Jim Black is a sales representative for Noram Canada Ltd in Toronto, Ontario. There were three stressors in Jim's life, the prolong recession, pressure to increase sales, and the possibility of being laid off. These stressors as a result developed strain for Jim in the form of headaches, sleep disturbances, moodiness, job dissatisfaction, lower job performance, and burnout.

Jim was trying to increase his sales by offering discounts and arranging next day delivery to some of his customers. On the other hand, by doing this he lowered his commission and postponed delivery to other customers. Jim demonstrated a lack of good time management skills when he was late for an appointment and had to take paperwork home to complete it. This also created a strain in his family life. Jim was experiencing an interpersonal stressor with his wife to secure a management position with a stable salary and less travel, but he did not want to sit at a desk all day. In addition, he had an interpersonal stressor with senior management to be more productive.

Since the economy was in recession, Jim had the opportunity to increase his sales by persuading the competitor's clients to switch to his company. Another opportunity was the possibility of obtaining a management position if a competitor purchased Noram Canada.

The threats that developed were the competition was eager to secure new clients, the possibility of being fired if sales did not increase, and laid-off if Noram Canada was sold.

There are four alternatives to assist Jim in decreasing his stress 1) do nothing, 2) quitting his job or take a leave of absent, 3) attend seminars/counselling and talk to co-workers, and 4) changing his life style through diet, exercise, meditation, and deep breathing. The recommendation to Jim is to inquire about an Employee Assistance Program and take the time to talk to his co-workers. If…...

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