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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Japan
Albert G. Rodriguez
Liberty University

Japan is very similar and very unlike the US. It was amazing to research so many different aspects of one country. The major elements of this country are its culture and how these affect the country itself. How the people process these elements is very important and this is how the Japanese culture develops. From here we move on to see how this compares to US. We look to see how the US compares in their culture when brought next to Japan. Finally we will see how the US manager can be an international manager in Japan. This is mainly done through sensitivity to the other’s culture. This sometimes includes changing the way we act, and other times it is being sensitive to the other culture that is before us.

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Japan
Japan is an island cluster off the coasts of Russia, South Korea, and China. It is specifically located to the east of the Sea of Japan. It is composed of four major islands and over six-thousand minor ones. The four major islands are: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. It has thousands of shrines, national parks and even imperial palaces. The country of Japan is often called the Land of the Rising Sun.
It has one of the largest populations in the world by country despite being such a small country. It has the highest life expectancy in the world (83.10). The islands are also located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, so Japan has many volcanoes (108 active volcanoes).
It is home to Tokyo a city known for its neon skyscrapers, and crowded streets. Tokyo is also one of the large foreign exchange centers in the world. It is also home to sushi, cherry blossoms, sumo wrestling, origami, martial arts, ninjas and Godzilla.
In this paper we will get into the details of how…...

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