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Janell Flores [pic]
4951 Demere CT
Stone Mountain GA 30083


Children Health Care of Atlanta
1045 Clifton Rd NE,
Atlanta GA, 30322

Dear Dr.Mathew L. Paden:

I would like to work in your health care as a nurse because I enjoy myself working with children.Kids are a wonderful gift of god and I would like to continue working with kids.To me just being a nurse is not enough I like treating kids like if they were my own.I like being patient with them and understanding them showing care to them.Becoming a nurse and working with kids is a blessing. My skills as a nurse is knowing what is wrong the the kid and knowing whats going on with the patient .I also speak with the parents for any concerns they may have.I'm a very good listener and getting along with my teammates and my patients.I like being in emotional situation because I feel like I can help the patient or parent feel better. I also talk another language I speak spanish for those patients that may need a translator to translate. I think I would be qualified as a nurse in your health care.I would meet all the standards that need to be met with no problems.If you need to contact me for any questions or concerns my information will be below.Working for your health care would be great news for me.See you soon if I'm hired as a nurse in your health care.

Contact Information Cellphone:404-991-6795 Email:Janell12@yahoo.com

Thank you for your time

Sincerely Janell…...

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