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Couldn’t Keep It to Myself
RDG 30 – Whitten Fall 2013
Guided Discussion Questions

“Orbiting Izzy”

1) At the beginning of the story is her self-esteem still and issue? Yes

2) The author mentions, at the beginning of the story that she is “just one of those girls that always looks slutty” – is she making excuses or do you agree with her? I agree because it seems everytime she has something good for herself she can’t handle it and runs to the airport to meet someone else

3) Throughout the story – the author uses a recurring theme…what is it? Orbit

4) Nancy finally lands a job with the temp service – what will she be doing and where? She lands a job at Isadore Weintraub’s accounting firm where she will be a receptionist

5) What is her boss’ name? How is he characterized? Are you, as the reader supposed to like him? Isadore Weintraub, a nervous, shifty-eyed man with thin, mousy hair with horn-rimmed glasses. I personally would like him because he seemed very laid back

6) As the reader, you find out that her ex-husband is trying to get back into her good graces…what is he doing? He began sending her gifts, red roses, money, etc. She kept the money

7) Contemplate why Nancy feels herself wanting to go back to Aldo? Does she realize that it would come to no good? She found his handwriting in the greeting cards to be sexy and kept his money when he sent it to her which shows signs she still loves him

8) Her sister makes the comparison that Aldo is like a train and Nancy a “dumb cow” on the tracks. Is this a fair assessment? Did she need to hear this from someone? Yes very much fair because Aldo is nothing but trouble for her. And she most definitely needed to hear it.

9) How does the title “Orbiting Izzy” play into the story? Why do you think that the author chose it? She was always describing Izzy in a…...

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...Lisa Mason and Izzy Brown changed their Profile pictures. 55 minutes ago Options Izzy Brown is now friends with Cameron James France and 8 other people. Find friends · about an hour ago Options Elle Alpin commented on a photo. Harvey Pearson Prom! ♥ — with Matthew Alpin. Like · · Share · 17 hours ago near Torrisholme · Elle Alpin typical 3 hours ago · Like Harvey Pearson He looks like Bruno Mars ;) 3 hours ago · Like Elle Alpin he wishes he looked like Bruno Mars ;) 2 hours ago · Like Options Elle Alpin likes a photo. Matthew Alpin Unlike · · Share · 18 May at 22:42 · You, Matty Scott, Elle Alpin, Naomi Ryan and 62 others like this. Shannon Mae Davey most likes on a cover photo, ever? 27 May at 17:01 · Like · 1 Lauren Beamer DIRTY!!!! 27 May at 17:34 · Like · 1 Options Elle Alpin likes a photo. Rachel Tilburn Unlike · · Share · 8 hours ago · You, Elle Alpin, Matthew Alpin and 2 others like this. Options Elle Alpin likes a photo. Rachel Tilburn Like · · Share · 8 hours ago · Elle Alpin, Matthew Alpin, Zak Bragg and 5 others like this. Michelle Hill You look fab Rach! Lovely photo xx 7 hours ago · Like Options Elle Alpin likes a photo. Josie Flint GBF 4Eva! — with Matthew Alpin. Like · · Share · 3 hours ago via Mobile · Matthew Alpin, James Jarnold Arnold and 2 others like this. Options Elle Alpin likes a status. Richard Burke This time next year will be my first fathers......

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