Is It True That Emotions Are an Essential Driver of Any Purposeful Activity?

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As human beings, we are often faced with decisions making; questions of what to do and what not to do determine how we should act in each situation. Emotions are used instinctively; therefore without knowing it, our emotions will determine our actions. It is very hard to assess emotion, as everyone is affected in different ways, and that builds up to different objective views of our world.

Purposeful activity is defined as the activity that happens under cautious planning and direct involvement of one, which comes with significant outcomes. For example in the field of psychology, emotions play a very vital role as action provokers; it manipulates people’s appraisals of a situation. Appraisal is the act of consciously assessing something or someone, and therefore emotions are an essential driver of purposeful activities. Yet, to what extent does emotion and reason play in acquiring knowledge about our world consciously?

A good example linking emotion and appraisal is the study carried out by Speisman et al. (1964), the results indicate that the soundtrack could change people’s reactions to the same film. A simple appraisal can influence someone’s emotion and thus behaviour. This is important to our everyday life because we are often exposed to emotional factors, and we can make the decision based wholly on our emotions and how we interpret them there and then. Our behaviour is highly subjected to our emotions.

However, some argue that reasoning is more advisable than emotions in acquiring knowledge. Emotion can only tell you that you are experiencing emotion, but it cannot tell you anything about the cause of the experience or any of the truth claims behind it. Emotions are more of an obstacle than a way of knowing, as it is easily influenced. For example, when one is under the influence of alcohol, every organ system in his body is affected, but its impact…...

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