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Case Study – Crossing Cultural Lines
Ricardo Casas

The ethical parts of any job can have major impacts on all different employees and business owners. When doing business with a company that is set up in a Middle East country, a company that is based in the United might face many conflicting customs and cultural influences. It is crucial that business owners handle these types if situation in a delicate way to avoid causing offense to either their employers or their potential customers. If handled incorrectly or carelessly the business may experience loss of customers or many of their employees will complain about the lack of compassion from their employers. If an employer does have compassion towards the ethical issues then they will face then they must look at both sides of the issue and will often have to decide what can and can’t be done when sending an employee overseas, or even if they should send a certain employee at all. As an example of sending a woman to a country overseas to an area where woman do not have much independence, an employer must carefully analyze the different situations that might occur if he sends that employee as well as the situations that might occur if he doesn’t send the employee.

The situation at hand is one that is faced by many businesses in the Unites States today as they do business with countries with little to no equal rights laws in affect. When faced with the option of sending a tour of employees, which include well qualified woman, to a country that has little respect towards woman an employer has to consider the consequences of his choices. If he sends his woman employees to the man dominated country he must think about the how his employee will feel and how willing she is to adapt to the new environment. He must also consider alternate choices for his employees that will not stop her career from taking…...

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