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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan | [Company name] | | | | | Product name: | Click here to enter text. | Prepared by: | Click here to enter text. | Modified date: | 9/18/2008 | | |

Table of Contents
1 Executive Overview 4 1.1 Scope of this Integrated Marketing Communications Plan 4 1.1.1 Marketing Objectives 4 1.2 Communications Objectives 4 1.3 Communications Strategies 4 1.4 Issues and Challenges 4
2 Situational Analysis 4 2.1 Product History 4 2.1.1 Product background 4 2.1.2 Current problems facing product 4 2.1.3 Past integrated marketing communications oR advertising themes 4 2.1.4 Past integrated marketing communications budgets 4 2.1.5 Past to present media spending 4 2.1.6 Current messaging 4 2.1.7 Customer trends 4 2.2 Current Marketing Situation 4
3 Target Audiences 4 3.1 Target Audience 4 3.2 Key Evaluation Criteria 4 3.3 Target Audience Profiles 4 3.3.1 Customer Profiles 4 3.3.2 Industry Analysts and Publications 4
4 Competition 4 4.1 Product Comparison 4 4.2 Barriers to Entry 4 4.3 Competitor Differentiation 4 4.4 Key Competitor Net Impressions and Messages 4
5 Branding and Messaging 4 5.1 Branding Architecture 4 5.2 Positioning Statement 4 5.3 Value Propositions 4 5.4 Major Messages 4 5.4.1 Major Messages for Customers 4
6 Communications Vehicles 4 6.1 Communications Process and Vehicles for Customers 4
7 Tactical Calendar 4
8 Budget 4
9 Metrics 4

Executive Overview * [Section Purpose: * Summarize key marketing and communications objectives * Outline strategic approach to communications * Identify potential challenges] Scope of this Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
This plan outlines the communications objectives, strategies, and tactics required for a successful execution of integrated marketing.…...

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