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Information Literacy’s Influence on Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership in the Army
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Dr. Barb
Information Literacy’s Influence on Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership in the Army The quality of information accessed and used for analyses and decisions has a significant influence on the quality of the resulting consequences of such decisions. In this regard, it is of critical importance to ensure that information used is of the highest quality possible, and as appropriate as possible to the situation or context of the analysis/decision-making process. However, in this information age, one of the main issues is the availability of different kinds of information that could make it difficult to look for the most suitable and reliable information possible to support such quality objective. In order to address this situation, it is necessary for one to have information literacy. It is argued that information literacy has a positive contribution on the quality of the results of scholarship, practice and leadership in the Army. One of the important issues nowadays is the availability of large amounts of information. This condition can be disadvantageous and could pose issues, especially when a significant portion of such information is not reliable and cannot be considered as scholarly (Russell, 2009). As such, the inability of Army personnel to properly seek and use appropriate scholarly and reliable information could lead to erroneous analyses and inappropriate or even dangerous decisions. This is where information literacy comes in. Because of information literacy, one can ensure that there is appropriate consideration for the various characteristics of the information and their sources used for research, analyses and decision-making. By definition, information literacy refers to the ability of a person to…...

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