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Informatics Solution Proposal (Part Three): Areas of Evaluation
Nicole Thomason, Anna Davis-Walker, Jacqueline Rankin, Lynda Venezia, and Rhonda Freeman
October 26, 2015
Kevin Hamon

Informatics Solution Proposal (Part Three): Areas of Evaluation
With the increase in admission to bed times seen in multiple healthcare facilities across the nation, a need to have better access to the available hospital beds is a necessity. We are in agreement that an electronic bed tracking system is a viable option to help decrease this time length, thus allowing for better continuation of patient care. As a team we have picked two different companies and decided on criteria that staff and management can agree upon. We have looked at the ease of use, clarity, and time factors of both these products. These were criteria were ones that we felt our nursing staff would look at, as they will be the ones working with the system that is implemented. The ability for them to learn a new system and be able to quickly maneuver within it is critical. The other two criteria we chose are compatibility and customization. The ability for the system to be customize to the staff and hospital needs will be instrumental to the decision process, while the compatibility of the system to be integrated into our current system is needed. Here is a summary of our findings.
Comparison of the five criteria set forth
In a comparison of both systems chosen, the ease of use is comparable for both. The systems incorporate GPS tracking to interact with patients, staff, and environmental conditions in order to optimize care. Patients are assigned a tracker upon admission, thus allowing for the tracking of when they were roomed, if they have gone for testing, and when they were discharged, thus decreasing the need for phone conversations. Staff can see in real time that testing has been completed…...

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