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Racheal Kathiomi
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Assignment name: Why college is important to me.
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College education is important to me for several reasons. These days a college degree is something that’s essential to be successful. It will provide an opportunity for a better life by earning a better salary unlike someone without a college education or degree.
As said by John. F. Kennedy, “Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest ability, because in each of us is a private hope and dream which fulfilled can be translated into benefits for everyone and greater strengths for our nation. These makes me want to strive for a better life for me and my family and for a brighter tomorrow for all. We have gone without many things we would love and enjoy today. I would love to purchase a house of my choice, drive a better car, going away for family vacations among other things. Going for a summer cruise is one of my dreams, therefore I know that once I graduate from college I can get a great paying job and start making some if not all of the dreams a reality.
A college education for me would provide inspiration for my children and other members of my family that haven’t been to college. As a mother, I realize that with a college degree and a good paying job, my children will want to have a comfortable life of their own once they grow up because of the kind of life I provided for them. It will also be better and easier for me to encourage them to further their studies if I use myself as an example. As said by George Shaw, “what we want to see is the child pursuit of knowledge, and not the knowledge in pursuit of the child”. With all that said, that will help them realize that any goal is attainable if you reach out and find the resources.…...

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