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Polyclonal Antibodies - Immunoglobulin (IgY)

April 2012

Table of Contents
1.0 The Immune System 3

2.0 Antibodies 6

3.0 Avian Antibodies 7

4.0 Why IGY? 8

5 .0 Polyclonal Versus Monoclonal Antibodies………………………………………………………..9

6.0 Purpose of IGY Inc. – Antibody Extraction 10

7.0 IGY for Use in Humans ………………..………………………………………………………….11

8.0 References 15

IGY Immune Technologies & Life Sciences Inc.

1.0 The Immune System

The human immune system is comprised of a complex network of lymphoid organs and highly specialized cells that protect the body against infection by recognizing and killing pathogens. This immune system includes lymphatic organs and vessels, lymph nodes, white blood cells, specialized cells and serum factors. The immune system utilizes both the lymphatic vessels and the blood circulatory system to transport white blood cells called lymphocytes through out the body (1).

The immune system can be classified as an innate or adaptive system. As a first line of defense against pathogens, we depend on innate immunity. Innate immunity is nonspecific and includes physical barriers such as skin, mucous membranes and secretions with antimicrobial activity including tears and mucous. Pathogens that cross this line of defense are often destroyed by phagocytes which are white blood cells that engulf and digest cellular debris and foreign agents by the process known as phagocytosis.

However, innate immunity is not sufficient to ward off all invaders. Thus, to allow for a stronger immune response and immunological memory, we have developed a specific, inducible system of defense called the adaptive or acquired immune system. A substance capable of inducing or triggering an immune response is called an antigen. The adaptive immune system is responsible for…...

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