Identify and Evaluate Market Opportunities

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Ranjit Kaur
Restaurant ManagerMobile: 0430 713 073Home: 07-3341 3690U 1/36 Rushton Street Runcorn, QLD | |


My objective is to work as a Restaurant Manager where I can best utilize my experience with a view to improve your restaurant s business.

June 2012 | Advanced Diploma in Management

April 2011 | Diploma in Management

April 2010 | Cert III in Food Processing (Retail Bakery, Cake, Pastry) * All Completed at Della International College, Melbourne *
July 1993 | BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Science)

* Completed at S.A.B.S. Medical College Ludhiana, India

June 1991 | Diploma in Pharmacy

* Completed at G.G.N. Khalsa College Ludhiana, India


Current | Restaurant Manager
Jatt Flava Indian Restaurant | Shop 14/24 Martin Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD
April 2011 – January 2012 | Assistant Baker
My My’s Bakery | 27 Douglas Street, Noble Park, VIC


Organizing and rostering of staff, both front end and kitchen staff, monitor and control payroll
Assist with the selection of staff in order to provide excellent and positive customer service
Ensuring all staff are briefed before beginning of shift
Ensuring the day to day set up of the business is carried out Prepare budget, weekly and monthly reports for the owner
Ensuring that company policies are carried out as well as the health and safety requirements of the business
Dealing with customer complaints in the appropriate manner
Cake decorating
Baking of cakes, pies, biscuits and slices
Preparing bread dough for bread loaves, muffins
Cutting dough into uniform portions with knife/divider, placing into greased/floured pans
Measuring ingredients, using measuring cups, spoons, and electric scales
Controlling the oven temperature for various…...

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...weathered the economic downturn better than most major economies and grew 7.5% last year, compared to an estimated 2.3% growth in the G7 countries and 2.8% in the United States. There are few, if any, sectors in Brazil that do not have excellent short term opportunities. Certain sectors have experienced growths higher than average, such as air transportation, telecom, oil and gas, and mining. Other promising investment areas includes: agriculture, agricultural equipment, building and construction, electrical power, safety and security devices, environmental technologies, nuclear power, retail and transportation Energy, oil and gas: The Brazilian national oil company Petrobras' expansion may represent the largest global business opportunity in the oil & gas sector between the years 2011-20. Brazil is also targeting nuclear energy as an area for expansion in order to diversify its energy matrix and keep up with increased demand in a growing economy. IT and Telecom Services & Equipment: Brazil is one of the largest IT markets within the emerging economies. IT end-user spending in Brazil is expected to grow to $134 billion in 2014. The largest share of spending will be on telecom equipment, representing 72% of the market, followed by IT services at 13.3%, and computing hardware at 11.9%. Transportation / Infrastructure development / Construction / Safety and Security / Tourism: In the years leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will......

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