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A, Astrid Blodgett’s short story ”Ice Break”
Many writers of today deal with writing about dysfunctional families. They write about marital problems, the relationship between parent and child, and the relationship between siblings. In general they describe all of the problems we are experiencing in families today but there is often no solution. The open ending without closure is very typical for postmodern literature. The author Astrid Blodgett has written a postmodern short story “Ice Break” in 2012 in which she deals with a dysfunctional familywhich is the main theme. Due to the main theme the other themes are marital problems and problematic relationships between parents and children. Her way of writing is also very postmodernsince the story is structured as two separate stories leading up to the plot.
The short story begins with a foreshadowing “We’re a long way out on the lake when the ice breaks” (p. 2 l. 1). We already know at the beginning of the story that they are going to break thorough the ice. The foreshadowing is the beginning of thefirst story about the two sisters Dawn and Janie and their father breaking through the ice while they are trying to save their lives by struggling to get up to the surface of the water. The other story is leading up to them going to the lake when they are still at home getting ready and it is also about them driving to the lake. It is in this part of the story we hear about all of the problems in the family.
The main character of the short story is the girl Dawn who is neither close with her mother nor her father. Her mother is always working and therefore she does not have any time to spend with her family. Due to her mother’s reply always being a no, Dawn feels like her mother is choosing and prioritising her career over her. On the other hand she does not want to be alone with her father. It is due to the fact…...

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