Human Resource Practice in Commercial Bank of Bangladesh

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Stamford University Bangladesh
Class Schedule –Spring 2013 Trimester; MBA Program (Siddeswari)

|Time |06:30 pm - 09:00 pm |
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| |Course |Section |Course Teacher |Room |
|SATURDAY |MKT 607 Service Marketing |Sec-A |Prof. Dr. Horipada Bhattacharjee |B/307 |
| |FIN 604 Fin. An. & Control |Sec-A |Prof. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam |B/303 |
| |FIN 604 Fin. An. & Control |Sec-B |Ms. Pallabi Siddiqua |A/308 |
| |HRM 602 Industrial Relations |Sec-A |Mr. Dipak Kanti Paul |A/312 |
| |MGT 431 Business Communication |Sec-A |Mr. Sahin Ahmed Chowdhury |A/501 |
|SUNDAY |MGT 432 Organizational Behavior |Sec-A |Ms. Nahid Sultana |B/307 |
| |MGT 432 Organizational Behavior |Sec-B |Mr. Akbor Ali |B/303 |
| |MGT 432 Organizational Behavior |Sec-C |Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam |B/301 |

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