Human Error and a Mountain's Fury Is a Bad Combination

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Human Error and a Mountain’s Fury is a bad combination

When you decide to take on the extremely dangerous journey of climbing Mount Everest, you need to take every precaution to be as safe as possible. Perhaps the most important precaution is to stick to your designated plan or listen to your professional guide. No matter what the weather conditions may have been, human error, including lapses of judgment and simple physical mistakes were the cause of eight people dying up on the summit on that fateful day of May 10th 1996.
Of the various mistakes made on the Summit, the most obvious mistake would be that the guides, Rob Hall and Scott Fischer, did not make their clients turn around at the designated time. The last client reached the summit at 4:00 P.M.; this was two hours after the latest turn around time Hall had preached about the month prior. Fischer had passed a few of his clients on his way down the mountain after 3:40 P.M. and still allowed them to continue to climb the summit. Hall waited at the top of the summit for Doug Hansen far past the turn around time to make sure he made it to the top. Jon Krakauer, author of Into Thin Air, stated that Doug Hansen…” had been talked into returning this year by Hall, who felt sorry that Hansen had been denied the summit and had significantly discounted Hansen’s fee to entice him to give it another try.” (72) Rob Hall’s guilt regarding Hansen’s previous attempt and failure of the summit could account for his lapse of judgment. Not sticking to the turn around time was not the only mistake to happen on the mountain. There were several climbers, both experienced and beginner, that ignored their limitations. For instance client Beck Weathers had eye surgery years prior to his trip to Mount Everest, and early in the climb he discovered that the low barometric pressure caused his eyesight to fail, a side effect of the…...

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