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Biol 1120
Cardiovascular Case Study
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A 32-year old nurse who has rheumatic fever as a child noticed a persistent tachycardia and light-headedness. Upon examination, chest x rays showed an enlarged left atrium and left ventricle. ECG analysis showed atrial fibrillation. There was also mild pulmonary congestion. Cardiac evaluation resulted in the following information:

Cardiac output (CO) 3.2L/min. SV = 40mls Blood pressure (BP) 100/58 mm Hg Left Atrial pressure (LAP) 16 mm Hg Right ventricular pressure (RVP) 44/8 mm Hg

Heart sounds revealed valvular regurgitation

1. Answer all questions with material that explains your answer. Yes/no answers receive NO credit.
2. Submit this as a hard copy double spaced typed paper.
3. Total possible 25 points

1. Based on the information provided, which A-V valve is incompetent? Why did you choose this set of valves? What is this condition called? (3pts)

Based on the information it looks like the mitral valve is incompetent. According to Web MD, the mitral valve is a valve that lets blood flow from one chamber of the heart, the left atrium, to another called the left ventricle. The mitral valve is most likely to blame here for the regurgitation because of the left atrial and left ventricular problems, which allowed the backflow into the left atrium. This patient’s mitral valve is malfunctioning, this condition is called mitral valve prolapse. Mitral valve prolapse is a condition in which the two valve flaps of the mitral valve do not close smoothly or evenly. I chose this valve because their valve is swelling in the left atrium and left ventricle. This condition is should be monitored because the left side of the heart has to work harder than the right side. 2. Which heart sound would be pronounced and lengthened? Explain why they sound this…...

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