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Very Unpromising:
This query is a little bit ambiguous, as there are no direct search results that encompass this entire phrase. If you remove the term collectibles from the search results, it seems that a salt paste can be made for cleaning items. Therefore, the user intent is probably find information about how to make or purchase a salt paste to clean collectibles. In this case, the ad creative is Very Unpromising, as it advertises a Pasta of the Month Club for buying gourmet sauces and pasta, which is unrelated to the user's intent.

Somewhat Unpromising:
The user's intent is to find a specific basketball player's shirt or jersey, and the ad creative is for general shirts at Macy's. Although Macy's may carry the shirt specified, the ad creative does not suggest this, so Somewhat Unpromising is the appropriate rating.
The landing page offers many examples of ombre yarn, which is precisely what the user is searching for, so this landing page deserves a Satisfaction Likely rating.

The user is most likely looking for biographical information on the author Laura Ingalls Wilder or information about her books. The landing page offers family tree/genealogical information, and even upon using the search tool, no relevant content can be found regarding the American writer the user is looking for. Dissatisfaction Likely is the appropriate rating.
Use the Error/Did Not Load (EDNL) flag to indicate that you cannot evaluate the landing page because there is no landing site content provided by the advertiser.

The user is looking for the smartphone HTC Droid Incredible on the Verizon Wireless network. The phone can be found through searching on the landing page, but it leads the user to another website. According to the task instructions, if the page can eventually lead to what the user wants, but only through many clicks or through clicks that lead to an entirely…...

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... Huffman Trucking Operating System Huffman Trucking uses a Windows 3x/9x operating system, as well as Windows 2000 server with proxy server 2 and Windows Exchange 5. Many companies use Windows operating systems because they are simple to use right away as soon as they are implemented as hardware. Put simply, they are more user friendly. Being user friendly and easy to use right away makes for easier training of employees for the operating system and it’s programs. It also streamlines the aspects of the operating system for business applications. Other operating systems, such as Linux for instance, are more in depth with technical applications and require more skill and detail because of its flexibility with manipulating the program. The source code is available for this system, and more of a manual touch is needed. Windows eliminates the need for this, and comes with useful programs for businesses such as Huffman Trucking. Windows comes with helpful programs to help a business with their daily needs. Some of these programs are Word, Excel, and Outlook. These help a business such as Huffman Trucking with documenting, scheduling, inventory, database management, and e-mailing and communication. This particular company has different forms of Windows integrated into the network. Some of their locations have Windows 3x/9x, while others are more updated with Windows 2000. That can be a good thing, as integrating a new system or update all at once can cause......

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...Huffman trucking originated in Cleveland, Ohio in 1936, because of World War II the company grew due to the increasing demand of materials. By 1945 the company had grown exponentially, thanks to the relationship forged with the United States Government. Today the company has grown to a nationwide transportation company with 1,400 employees and hubs in Los Angeles, California, Saint Louis, Missouri, and Bayonne, New Jersey with its central facility still located in Cleveland, Ohio. The company today has over 800 tractors, and has expected revenue of $600,000,000 for the 2004 fiscal year (Apollo Group, Inc, 2003,2004,2012). When reviewing all of the facilities and systems within every single facility it’s noticeable that they are all running independent systems, which some don’t even have firewalls installed for the network. Compiling all of the systems in the four offices, and plants we find different operating systems (OS). This OS include Windows 3.1, Windows 3.X, Windows 9.X, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, Mac OS, Novel Netware 4.11, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Proxy Server 2, Windows Exchange 5, and CISCO (Apollo Group, Inc, 2003,2004,2012). In addition, to different types telephonies systems, webmail servers, and different types of hardware in every location. I don’t believe the OS were chosen by the Ohio office per say. Looking at the history of the company Huffman trucking, by the end of the war the company......

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...The analysis team has reviewed the numbers from the income statement and balance sheet for 2010 and 2011 using horizontal, vertical, and ratio analysis to determine Huffman Trucking’s financial position and trends over the past two years. This is a summary of our findings. Horizontal Analysis The horizontal analysis evaluates a series of data over time, mainly for intracompany use. An analysis of the 2010/2011 balance sheet data indicates significant increases in cash (54.6%), a decrease in accounts receivables (36.4%), and an increase in long-term debt (11.4%). This indicates that most of the financial expansion of Huffman Trucking was in cash or cash equivalents or by taking on additional long-term debt. The horizontal analysis of the 2020/2011 income statement data shows total operating expenses increased 15.3%, but most of that seems to be related to an increase in fuel expense (23.1%). Additionally, an increase of 14.4% in revenues from the previous year was noted. The steady increases in income improved the company’s ability to obtain debt and equity financing. Vertical Analysis Vertical analysis evaluates data in terms of a percent of a base amount. This type of analysis allows for comparison of data to industry competitors of different sizes and industry averages, but can also be used within the company. Analysis of the 2010/2011 balance sheet data shows the percent of cash increased from 22.7% to 33.5% of total assets and the percent of accounts receivables......

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...Huffman trucking Prepare a maximum 3-page Word document describing an information system critical to the business processes of Huffman Trucking. Include in your description how this information system has an effect on the organizational structure. The second category of information required by the middle management is known as managerial information. The information required at this level is used for making short term decisions and plans for the organization. Information like sales analysis for the past quarter or yearly production details etc. fall under this category. Management information system (MIS) caters to such information needs of the organization. Due to its capabilities to fulfill the managerial information needs of the organization, Management Information Systems have become a necessity for all big organizations. And due to its vastness, most of the big organizations have separate MIS departments to look into the related issues and proper functioning of the system. These systems assist lower management in problem solving and making decisions. They use the results of transaction processing and some other information also. It is a set of information processing functions. It should handle queries as quickly as they arrive. An important element of MIS is database. A database is a non-redundant collection of interrelated data items that can be processed through application programs and available to many users. Provides input to be used in the managerial......

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...Huffman Trucking Operating Systems Huffman Trucking Operating Systems Huffman Trucking, a national transportation company, employs 1,400 employees. Huffman’s hubs are in Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bayonne, New Jersey. Huffman’s corporate offices and service center is in Cleveland, Ohio (University of Phoenix, 2012). Computers were basically still in an infantile stage when Huffman began his company in 1936. Companies need methods to assist them in standardizing their business processes. Computers can help companies meet this unique challenge. Operating systems (OS) are an essential part of any computer system. Any major OS will evolve over time because of hardware upgrades or new types of hardware, new services, and fixes (Stallings, 2009). However, one of the purposes of an OS is to provide an environment in which a user can execute programs in a convenient and efficient manner (Silberschatz, Galvin, & Gagne, 2009). Huffman was primarily focused on expanding his business and not much on standardizing business processes across company locations, let alone invest in additional technology to do so when he began his company. Furthermore, Huffman spent sufficient capital in increasing its fleet size and the acquisition of five Eastern regional carriers to add to its existing two Mid-West offices and plants. Additionally, Huffman was recognized as the first major freight carrier to outsource 100% of its information......

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...Planning and Creation of a Fleet Truck Maintenance Database for Huffman Trucking In creating a database, the most vital steps are identifying the table elements. Upon analysis of the Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance form, the elements of the database tables can be identified. In a table, or relation, the entities and attributes of a table define the structure of a database. An entity is an object of importance about which data can be captured. An attribute is the information that describes the entity. When creating the tables for the Huffman Trucking Fleet Truck Maintenance, entities and their relationships must be taken into consideration (Koenke & Auer, 2010). Selection of Entities and Attributes In the Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance document, the entities and their attributes are clearly defined. The entities are listed in all capital letters. The entity’s respective attributes are listed below the entity. For example, for the entity “Parts_Inventory_Issues”, the attributes listed in the document are: • Transaction ID • Issue Date • Purchase Price • Quantity In creating the table, the attributes must be examined to ensure that the table is organized logically and contains no chances of redundancy. Because of this, the entities and attributes used in the actual database will be modified from the attributes listed in the document. Repeating attributes will be deleted or reorganized to ensure logical structure. Each...

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...Huffman Trucking Balance Sheet (Unaudited) December 31st 2011 2010 (In Thousands) Assets Current Assets Cash & Cash Equivalents $89,664 $58,003 Accounts Receivable 51,869 81,557 Prepaid Expenses & Supplies 6,267 5,529 Total Current Assets $147,800 $145,089 Carrier Operating Property (at cost) $85,306 $81,461 Less: Allowance for Depreciation (69,536) (67,119) Net Carrier Operating Property $15,770 $14,342 Assets of Discontinued Operations 7,516 8,739 Goodwill (net) 49,852 49,852 Other Assets 46,327 37,306 Total Assets $267,265 $255,328 Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity Current Liabilities Accounts Payable $40,843 $45,381 Salaries & Wages 37,299 33,014 Current Portion of Long-Term Debt 1,752 1,343 Freight & Casualty Claims Payable 10,389 9,697 Total Current Liabilities $90,283 $89,435 Long-Term Liabilities Accrued Pension & Post-Retirement Health Care $64,058 $58,672 Long-Term Debt 7,307 6,562 Total Long-Term Liabilities $71,365 $65,234 Shareholders' Equity Common Stock ($1.00 par value Authorized: 20,000,000 shares) $3.882 $3.882 Treasury Shares (1.952) (1.952) Retained Earnings 105,615 100,657 Total Shareholders' Equity $105,617 $100,659 Total Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity $267,265 $255,328   Huffman Trucking Statement of Income (Unaudited) December 31st 2011 2010 (In Thousands) Revenue $1,109,295 $969,240 Operating Expenses Salaries, Wages &......

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...Essays Problem Solution: Huffman Trucking View Full Essay Running head:   PROBLEM SOLUTION: HUFFMAN TRUCKING Problem Solution: Huffman Trucking University of Phoenix Problem Solution: Huffman Trucking       Phil Huffman desires growth and a competitive advantage over competitors in the next three to five years. The Huffman Trucking family has increased service offerings steadily since   first established in 1936 but has yet to pull away from the pack. Huffman believes the transformation to a customer-centered model for doing business is the right decision to achieve desired outcomes. People are the very essence of any organization.       The subsequent analysis will reveal several barriers to implementation and possible opportunities for Huffman to pursue as they strive to make this difficult, yet meaningful transformation. An internal focus and process is the first step to achieving desired results and will provide a solid base for supporting all future marketing expansions. Steps for developing an internal marketing strategy will present vast opportunities for Huffman and position the company to serve customers as the central and primary focus. The basic premise of internal marketing is simple; to have satisfied customers – a firm must also have satisfied employees (Rao & Kumar, 2001). Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification       Several inherent issues present barriers to implementing a model of customer-centricity at Huffman. To begin,......

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...Running Heading: Huffman Trucking Operating System ANTHONY MEREDITH HUFFMAN TRUCKING OPERATING SYSTEM CSS/561 January 17, 2011 Introduction Huffman trucking is a national transportation company. The company's 1,400 employees work in its logistical hubs located in Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bayonne, New Jersey; its central maintenance facility is in Cleveland, Ohio (University of Phoenix, 2005). Since Huffman Trucking has so many different location their network is often overlooked and their network is a big part in determining if they are going to successful or not. I will be taking a look at their operating system and determining the usefulness of their system. Huffman network consist of many different operating systems. Those operating systems that are utilized at those different facilities are mostly Windows based, with Windows NT, Windows SP, Windows 2000 servers, Microsoft Exchange and IIS. The Missouri office uses a mixture of different operating system, using several different windows base system and the use of Macintosh environment. That office also uses Lotus Notes for email rather than using Microsoft Exchange. The result of so many operating systems is developed over time and is due to the evolution of the company. The evolution of Huffman caused them to expand and add needed systems for the increase in demand for products or new business requirements. The expansion of the overall operating systems is due to necessity, but not......

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...hh To: CEO From: Learning Team A Date: 3/16/2014 Subject: Financial Position of Huffman Trucking Finance and Accounting Liquidity, profitability, and solvency ratios reveal the following about the financial position of the company? Ratio analysis is the process that identifies financial strengths and weaknesses of a company. This is accomplished by reviewing the balance sheet and income statement and analyzing the results of each one. Ratio analysis establishes the cause and effect relationship. The probability ratio will define profit and liquidity and solvency ratios explain the financial position. Horizontal analysis is the comparative study of many years financial statements of any business concern are analyzed then it is known as horizontal analysis. Sales have increased from the previous year. The operating expenses have been increased also. The increase in sales has causes and increase expenses. Therefore to increase the operating income the company must try to control the operating expenses. The interest expense has been decreased which is a very good sign which shows that the company is lowering the debt to finance its assets. The net income has increased from the previous year but the increase is very much low. Therefore to increase the net income the company must try to control the expenses. Horizontal analysis of Balance sheet; Cash has been increased and this shows that the company is......

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...Huffman Trucking was founded by K Huffman of Cleveland, Ohio in 1936. The company growth was a result of the increased demand for carrier services between factories in the midwest to ports on the East Coast during World War II. Today Huffman Trucking is growing from internal sales and the acquisition of five Eastern regional carriers, which has enabled Huffman Trucking to continue to be privately held. Huffman trucking employees 1,400 workers in its logistical hubs located in Los Angeles, California, Ohio, St. Louis, Missouri, Bayonne and New Jersey. Kenneth Colbert the Director Human Resources has contacted the Vice President of Industrial Relations, Graham Grove concerning recent decisions regarding an alternate health care benefit program. According to the memo the plan will be a flex plan for union and nonunion employees with health and dental insurance options. Mr. Colbert and Mr. Graham have hired S. Caldwell IT Consulting Firm to develop and install a benefit election system to support the tracking and reporting of Huffman Trucking employees. The consultant team will describe the consideration needed to address possible security requirements and describe possible risks associated with the requested benefits election system. The Consulting Team S Caldwell IT Consultants believe their role is to act as an adjunct for Huffman Trucking Human resource department, bringing benefits, knowledge, experience and skills. The team will Perform...

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...Huffman Trucking Disaster Recovery Plan CMGT/410 Huffman Trucking Disaster Recovery Plan Huffman Trucking is a privately held national company with six hundred million dollars a year in revenues. The company has hubs in Los Angeles, California; St. Louis, Missouri; Cleveland, Ohio; and Bayonne, New Jersey. The company maintains a truck maintenance facility at the hub in Cleveland, Ohio. Each hub maintains a data center, linked to the corporate offices through various Internet access methods. Recent reports of computer hacking and database corruption have highlighted the need for a coordinated data security and disaster recovery plan. A comprehensive corporate-wide strategy for data security, site backup, and disaster recovery will allow the company to continue to function and communicate during emergencies that involve any of the company’s data hubs and minimize effect on company operations. Huffman Trucking Disaster Recovery Plan Project Objectives “On August 28, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the southern coast of the United States with devastating effect. It was reported that more than 1800 people lost their lives and more than $81 billion dollars in damages occurred” (United States Department of Health and Human Services, 2005). Emergencies and disasters can happen at any time. Planning for disasters takes time. According to Krugman (2006), “even after three months, there was still not a reconstruction plan, let alone a plan under way.” The main purpose of......

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...Huffman Trucking Paper University of Phoenix POS/355 Richard Andrews July 17, 2012 Huffman Trucking is a national transportation company with over 1000 employees. The main hub for this company are located in Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bayonne, New Jersey. The central facility of this company is located Cleveland, Ohio. Huffman Trucking currently runs the Windows 3.X and 9.X operating system. This operating system does not seem to be standardized between the current Huffman Trucking physical locations. Windows 3.X and 9.X are 16 bit OS that were originally designed for personal computers. Windows 3.X was released in the early 90's while Windows 9.X was released in the second part of that same decade. These OS became popular with companies when their ability to run virtual machines became evident. Windows 3.X and 9.X are out-of-date systems and no longer supported by any system. In November of 2008 Microsoft stopped selling licenses for these OS. These operating systems were commonly adopted by companies due to their complete compatibility with MSDOS applications. They offered extended memory that could attend to more than 640 kb and were praised for the improvements made to hardware support. When these operating systems were released they were considered top of the line and were indeed refined technology. Unfortunately, companies that are still using these OS are......

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