Hris Implementation

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HRIS Implementation
Background and company objective

The company that I am currently working for is one of the largest automotive fleet provider in
North America and industry leader in vehicle event services. We are committed to effectively managing and delivering the right solution for a broad spectrum of customer needs better than any other comparable source in the country. Dedication to our 1,900 countrywide personnel and
100 Canadian employees is one of the big reasons of our success and why I truly enjoy working there. Our HR team, which I am a part of, is in sync with our company’s culture and goals and is in charge of multiple tasks including: payroll processing, benchmarking our salaries to industry, handling unemployment claims, producing W2s, provide strong and well administered benefits, verify employment for current and termed employees, handle employee relations/disputes as well as keeping track of various safety trainings and certifications. Some of those tasks not only create a huge bottlenecks requiring unessential data but also make reporting, which is preformed quite often in my opinion, very difficult and challenging.
The challenges that our HR team faces on a daily basis, besides reporting, are a variety of out- dated and no longer supported systems used in our department that need to be updated manually in order to function somewhat properly in our time keeping system, which really brings down our productivity and increases likelihood of costly errors. Benefit tracking and reporting feels like wasted time since it’s one of the major time consuming tasks that I am personally responsible for and it’s hardly ever accurate and at the end we still turn to our benefit advisor for a detailed report that is somewhat…...

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...Testing The testing team will carry out several different tests on the new HRIS before it can be madeavailable to everyone. The team will conduct tests such as server stress tests, softwarefunctionality tests, black box testing and integration testing. Since this testing can be anexhaustive process, members from other teams, especially the HR specialists will take part inthe testing process in an effort to cover as many angles as possible. These team members willbe given the necessary access to the system. The discoveries that are compiled by the testingteam will be forwarded to the project manager who will work with the development andimplementation team to fix any bugs or change features within the system. Training Although the new HRIS will be quite user friendly, it still has to be managed – information hasto be entered, removed and/or changed. Members of the HR department will need to betrained on these various tasks, so that the HRIS can be utilized to its full potential. Managementwill also need training since they will also be utilizing the system for upper level tasks such asgenerating reports. The training team will collaborate with the development andimplementation team to set up training sessions and related training documents to facilitatethis endeavor. Documentation This team will gather and store important information from the project.They will documentworking notes such as milestones, tasks, issues and ideas that come up while the project isongoing.......

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...Lecture 2 questions (it began lecture1) 1. What is HRIS (human resource information system)? It is a computerized system that provides current and accurate data for purposes of control and decision making. It not just hardware-software, includes people, forms, policies, procedures and data. The purpose is to provide service, and it has many users, such as Strategic, Tactical and Operational decisions. HRIS has many benefits; for example. * Store and retrieve of large quantities of data * Combine and reconfigure data to create new information. * Institutionalization of organizational knowledge. * Easier communications * Lower administrative costs, increase productivity and response times. 2. What are the 4 types of HRIS? Cloud based HRIS functionalities Hybrid HRIS ERP based HRIS MSS/ESS 3. What are the core activities of HRM人力资源管理的核心活动是什么 There three activities such as Transformational, Traditional and Transactional and etc. (it has more strategic) 那里三个活动,如转换、 传统和事务处理等,(它具有更具战略性的) Transactional (65%-75%) it benefits administration, record keeping, employee services Traditional (15%-30%) recruitment, selection, training, performance management, compensation and employee relations. Transformational (5%-15%) knowledge management, strategic redirection and renewal, cultural change, management development. and Added value. SAP R/3 client server concept(不全) What are the benefits of SAP R/3? The R/3 software package is designed to......

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