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Romans (A) Introduction (1) Romans is the _LONGEST__ of Paul’s letters. (2) Romans is the most _____THEOLOGICALLY SIGNIFICANT___ of Paul’s letters. (3) The letter of Romans has been greatly influential in the history of the Church (i) Augustine
ENGLISH REVIVALIST. (4) Is Romans a systematic presentation of Paul’s Theology?
YES & NO: YES, BECAUSE IS WRITTEN SYSTEMATICALLY. NO, BECAUSE WAS NOT WRITTEN AS A SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY. (B) Author (5) Claim of the text – written by Paul. (6) Little scholarly debate about this claim

(C) Date and Place of writing (7) Paul likely wrote Romans in ____AD 57____________ to Christians in Rome. (8) Paul did not found the church at Rome (we do not know who did).

(9) A man named ___TERTIUS_________ (Rom 16:22) served as Paul’s amanuensis. (10) The place this letter was probably written -- ___CORINTH____________ (11) The letter was likely carried to the Romans by ___PHOEBE_____ (Rom 16:1-2)

(D) Audience (12) There probably were some ____JEWISH_____ Christians in the church at Rome

(13) The majority of believers were probably _____GENTILE_______ Christians. (iv) Romans 1:13 ESV - I do not want you to be unaware, brothers, that I have often intended to come to you (but thus far have been prevented), in order that I may reap some harvest among you as well as among the rest of the Gentiles. (E)…...

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...Human Resource Plan Angels Destiny LLC Solo HR Curline Registe OMM 618: Human Resource Management Dr. David Britton September 22, 2015 CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Company Structure an History 3. Legal Regulations 4. Plan of Assessment 5. Methods of Advertising 6. Hiring Process 7. Interview and Selection Process 8. Orientation 9. Training 10. Compensation and Benefits 11. Performance and Appraisal System 12. Conclusion An Organization needs several different branches to function as a whole. The HR Department is just one section of an organization that is needed to make all things work accordingly. This HR plan shows the structure of how a Solo HR operation facilitates the employees needs within the organization. HR is necessary to the company as it pertains to profitability, which in turn requires some type of strategic planning to help guide the employees in a successful direction. As you will find that this HR plan explains various steps that are taken to ensure the success of the HR Department as it utilizes its many functions. The different functions are detailed as to what they do and who they are beneficial to. In order to achieve success HR follows best practice in its planning and design phase. A Solo HR Department faces challenges when attempting to develop and implement a strategic model that is expected to align with the organizations core values and missions. This essay will seek to show how......

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