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Strategic Human Resources Planning

Case Study
Stonewall Industries Limited by Charles Purchase

Read the following case study carefully.
• The case study will form the basis of three individual assignments that are to be completed at various points in the course.
• For all responses to each assignment, provide the rationale for your answers and any assumptions that you are making.
• Before you begin, ensure that you have followed the General Instructions for Assignments, and reviewed the Criteria for Written Assignments.
• Consult the Timeline for the due date for each assignment.

Stonewall Industries Limited is a construction materials company with its Canadian head office located in Mississauga, Ontario. The firm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of British Wallboard. The company has been in existence in Canada since 1960 producing gypsum wallboard for the Canadian construction industry. The senior management team is located at corporate office in Mississauga directly in front of the Mississauga production facilities. These facilities provide product for the Ontario market. A plant in Montreal produces wallboard for Quebec and the Maritimes. A plant in Winnipeg produces for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The Calgary plant manages the Alberta market and Vancouver’s plant manages British Columbia. Two mines produce the gypsum for all of the plants in Canada. Each plant is headed by a plant manager and they in turn report to VP Manufacturing, George McBain. The mine managers report to VP Mining, Mohammed Khan. In addition to McBain and Khan, the senior management team include VPHR, Judy Byer; VP Finance, Fred Ho; VP Marketing, Sonya Krajevski; and President and CEO, Jim Pender.

Overall demand for gypsum wallboard in Canada tends to depend on two major environmental factors: the number of housing starts in a given year, and interest rates. As housing…...

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