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Notes for using the Job Analysis template

Job analysis is an in-depth study of a job (not the person in the job). It provides information for job descriptions. In doing the analysis, you will need to gather information about the job, eg by interviewing employees, observing performance of certain tasks, asking employees to fill out questionnaires and worksheets, and collecting information about a job from other sources such as related units of competency.

Whatever sources you use to get basic information on what the job entails, the analysis should end up with written results that can be reviewed by the incumbent, or other employees who know the job. During the review, duties, competencies, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics of the job can be added, deleted or modified.

Job analysis is designed to provide a reliable method of quickly and effectively identifying critical competencies (ie knowledge, skills and abilities) and establishing the qualifications for a job or role. The step-by-step process below will assist you to complete a job analysis using the template provided.

|Process |Explanation |
|Step 1. Understand the job |Start by developing a complete understanding of the position. This is the foundation on which training (and |
|including duties and tasks |other human resources processes) is based. The basis of a job is the performance of specific duties and tasks. |
| | |
| |Consider all of the major duties or responsibilities of the position, and the specific tasks which need to be |
| |done to achieve…...

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