How to Become a Good School Administrator

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Reflection Paper on How to Become a Better Public Servant (Teacher)

Ria P. Pachica Dr. Angelina C. Villareal
(Student-Iloilo Group) (Professor)

I come to education later in life and with a passion. I did not expect that I would have a second career. I volunteered in a kindergarten class for a few hours a week to be generous to the community. Quickly, I discovered that I was the one receiving the gift. The children were extraordinary; exciting, challenging, and loving. Her teachers and the other teachers I met at her school were extraordinary as well. Their caring, professionalism, and openheartedness moved and inspired me.
Reasons for Wanting to Become a Teacher
I believe that teaching is an essential and noble profession. Next to parents, teachers are the most important foundational element in our society. Everything important begins in childhood, especially knowledge, self-knowledge, resilience, and character. Proper preparation is fundamental to living a full, rewarding life. Without self-knowledge, children may follow wrong paths and end up far from their true callings; lost, sad, and unfulfilled. Without resilience, the storms and challenges of life can turn children from their highest path, leaving them far from who they might have been. Finally, character is the intangible force that raises society as a whole, minimizes shocks and collisions between people, and balances self-interest and social good. Ideally, all of this education starts in the home but often the parents themselves may be inadequately skilled in this regard. School is a necessary complement to and supplement of this learning.
As I began to read about children and education, a new world opened. I understood that I had the opportunity to…...

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