How to Create Your Personal Website

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How to create your personal website

According to a report from the Sweden IT company Pingdom, there are about 550,000,000 websites in the world. It means that everyone twelve residences on the earth has a website. In the future every people will have its own website. I had created some websites, an online shop, a micro-blog and a personal blog and so on. This is my website(show my website) . Do you want to have your own website? Today I will introduce the procedures to create a website. You can create your own website even you have no sense about internet. There are three steps to create a website: get a space, install web software, connect a domain to the space.

Let me explain the first step. First we need a space to manage our code. There are many ways to get a space from internet. You can buy a server and connect it to the internet, or you can rent a virtual server from internet service provider, you can also apply free space from some non-profit organizations. Luckily our school provides a free space to all students. What we need is applying in the website of the IT center.

Now we have a space, but this is not enough. What do we need in the next step? Yes, we need an open source web software. The best open source web software is word press. We could download the source code from its website, extract the code to the space we have applied through ftp, and configure the software through browser. Ok your website starts working now.

Now we have our home, and a house, what do we need to prepare in the next step? We need an address. But our visitors should visit our website with a temporary domain name provided by our server provider. We need a formal domain name now. So the last step is connecting your domain name to your space. We need to buy a domain name from domain provider. Then we should connect the domain name to our space.

Let’s review what we…...

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