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Did McDonalds have an affect on american society and on the fast-food industry? Since its founding in 1948, Mcdonald’s has grown from a family burger and barbecue stand to a global fast-food restaurant franchise. McDonald’s created more jobs, and these jobs are low paying and you do not need very much education to get a job there. This had a large impact on the economies across the world. McDonald’s had a huge affect on the meat and dairy industries as well as started a new thriving fast-food industry with alot of competition. McDonald’s food quality doesn't change throughout the world because of a system that Ray Kroc revolutionized.
They have a really great marketing strategies so customers could get more for less money. They also target kids by advertising wherever they think kids will see their ads the most especially on specific kids TV channels. McDonalds also created a very well known logo.
The fast-food movement had a vast impact on the employees that work at McDonalds also affected the franchise owners and the McDonald’s Corporation. McDonald’s has franchises across the world that give individuals the chance to operate their own restaurant and to possibly incorporate their own ideas for new food items
. The first McDonalds was in California which was started by Richard and Maurice McDonald and Ray Kroc ended up transforming their Barbecue and burger stand into an international fast-food sensation. But McDonalds knowledge on health and nutrition is very limited and not so broad. In this essay I will explain how and in what ways I think McDonalds changed american society but you can decide how much McDonald’s has an impact on the not just american society but how much it changed the world.

McDonalds has 400,000 employees that work in more than 31,00 restaurants in 119 different countries around the world. Every day McDonald's serves more than 47…...

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