How I Got Here

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How I Got Here
Weylon P Fontenot
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Brandman University

Looking back how I got here uncovers a lot of old memories, both good and bad. The triumphs, the failures, the times when I was ready to give up and throw in the towel, and the times I felt like I was on top of the world and could accomplish anything. My life so far has been a string of blessings, good luck, some stumbling but ultimately successful to this point. It has not been easy, as no life is. I have learned and grown from my experiences and will hopefully continue to learn and grown.

Growing up dirt floor poor in a tiny town in Southwest Louisiana I was one of five boys fighting for love, affection and sometimes food from our single mom. With not enough of any of those three things to go around; I took the first exit I had and joined the Marine Corps. Seventeen days after graduating from my tiny high school I was on my first flight ever to sunny San Diego. The Marine Corps is where I found myself. Being out on my own with the structure of the military behind me, allowed me to develop into a well-rounded young man. Living overseas for my first seven years in the Corps was an experience that had truly shaped my personality. Living in a number of third world countries like Bolivia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Thailand to name a few, was eye opening. It showed me how good I actually had it growing up, it taught me what hard work really is, and it helped me to appreciate everything I have the opportunity to accomplish. I traveled to seventeen different countries during this period and was able to help build an elementary school in Thailand, and assist with humanitarian aid in East Timor. There were boring times on ship where I tried to occupy my time with college classes and figuring out what I wanted to major in. There was also exciting times when I was able to get off ship and…...

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