How Children Should Be Raised

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How should children be raised?
1. Give an account of child raising principles as presented in the three texts.
Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, “Why I love my strict Chinese mom”, a newspaper report by Mandy Stadtmiller from The New York post website, 2011.
18-year old Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld says that she loves the tough parenting methods her mother used and thanks. Sophia has now become an independent thinker who makes the most of new opportunities.

Tiger mother principle(s):
The tiger mother method is the most strict way to raise your child, according the Western.
The technique of being a tiger mother, was firstly presented in a book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” written by Amy Chua, were she describes how Chinese parents are better at raising kids than Western ones.

“Chinese Tiger Mother” method has some incredibly strict principles. Here are some things taken out of the book. Sophia and Louisa were never able to do these listed things.
- Attend a sleepover;
- Have a play date;
- Be in a school play;
- Complain about not being in a school play;
- Watch TV or play computer games;
- Choose their own extracurricular activities;
- Get any grade less than' an A;
- Not be the No. I student in every subject except gym and drama;
- Play any instrument other than the piano or violin;
- Not play the piano or to violin

I think that the importance of child raising is very essential. It is extremely vital to help your child to secure her/him a high-quality future, but a future is nothing if you do not have a childhood.

For example, Sophia was never allowed to do all the above. She never had a childhood that she could look back to, as she would age up. She never had a friend that she could play with or even watch neither TV nor computer games.
The mentioned things are very general in almost every child raising method now days, even 10 years…...

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