How Academic Experience Prepares You for College and Reaching Career Goals

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How academic experience prepares you for college and reaching career goals
The key to a child striving to obtain a degree is for his or her parents to really teach the importance of having one. Getting a degree is probably the only thing that I look at totally different as the years has passed. My parents were real old school and they didn’t come from a family of scholars so I was not really pushed in that direction. They made sure I did well in grade school but all I really was told was to get a job.
All children should be explained how better life will be for them and their children if they get that degree. I realize it now but I’m not in the situation I would be in if I started fresh out of high school. More opportunities would’ve been available because I would be more mobile. I have children now but back then I didn’t have any. I could have easily moved to another state if I needed to do that for my career.
The long term results and values of completing a degree is a sense of accomplishment. Some people do it to make their family proud. Some may do it so that they can personal see their achievements. Whatever pushes and drives you to reach for the stars is positive motivation. When you get a degree you stand a better chance at getting hired for jobs. Once you get hired it doesn’t stop there. With that degree you will get looked at for promotions versus someone who doesn’t have one. The biggest difference that a degree makes once you start working in your career of choice is the financial scale. A person with a degree will make more money than a person who doesn’t have one. Once someone gets their associates degree they still don’t have to stop there. Getting your bachelor’s degree carries more prestige and will get you a higher salary also. Not only a bachelor’s degree but your doctorate or whatever your degree of choice may be.
When I was in high school I…...

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