Homeschooling vs. Public Education

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Parents, in today’s society have many options when it comes to educating their children. There are no rules to raising perfect children. Choosing to send your children to a public school or to home school them is a huge decision we as parents have to make. An education that fits the needs of a child is important; that’s why there are things to be considered when choosing an educational path for a child.We would have to keep in mind what would work best for the children and ourselves. I believe that children have different personalities. So doing what we think would be best for each of our children would be a hard choose to make. The decision cannot be made lightly so parents do a little research and fully understand the type of education that would be the beneficial for your children.There is some controversy concerning the subject of homeschool,many factors to consider, should your children stay at home to learn or be sent to a public school.
The common schools system that was established by American’s founding fathers, has been considered the basis for providing students with a strong education.
Children should be allowed to go to public school because children are not confined to their homes all the time and the children get a chance to be social and learn to live everyday life. While homeschooling and public schools have many characteristics in common, they differ in their learning environment, academics, advantages and disadvantages. Whether the choice is made to home school or to send them to a public school, education is important no matter what. Considering both sides of the argument which is the best way to decide what is best for a child. Academics are important because they are what children are learning and can determine if a child will be successful and knowledgeable as an adult in the future. One of the advantages of public school is not only…...

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