Homeless in America

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On any given day homeless numbers rise and fall due to economic conditions, incarcerations, death and possibly successfully pulling yourself up out of the situation. There are many factors that can lead to homelessness: job loss, addiction, domestic abuse and mental illness. Once a person is in the grip of homelessness it is hard to rise out of. Survival becomes the number one concern. They face challenges everyday that most people never have to face. Getting money for food, or alcohol or drugs is their most basic goal. A person is at such a low point in their life that they feel worthless, suffer from low self-esteem and hopelessness. For many addiction doesn’t begin until after they find themselves homeless as it is a way to get through the day and forget.

Economic problems in society today stemming from the subprime mortgage crises have led to a high number of foreclosures. Unemployment rates have risen at a fast rate and people are finding themselves financially unstable. Combine the two some are finding they have no options left and nowhere to go. Tent cities are growing in numbers which we haven’t seen since the 1980’s. The majority of people living in the tent cities are people suffering because of the economic recession. The addict and mentally Ill can be found in other locations.

Many women find themselves in dire straits due to domestic problem. They get married and have children early in life with no post secondary education and one day found themselves in dire straits. With no funds and no jobs they are often suddenly homeless because it is safer then the home they were living in. With the lack of affordable housing for low income families and long waiting lists for housing assistance they often have to choose between the streets, a car or a shelter. Homeless shelters which provide shelter on a daily, first come first serve basis only, are…...

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...Running head: Homeless in Seattle Homeless in Seattle Melissa Elliott PAD 500 Dr.MCCue August 17, 2012 Abstract The epidemic of homelessness has taken a great toll on our society as we know it. America has been noted as the land of great opportunity and provision for one who wants to get ahead in life, it is often times referred to as the land of milk and honey. How did America get in such turmoil in housing its own citizens? America is noted to help other countries with all types of aid food, clothing, protection etc. .We must get back to the basics and create a solution to house our homeless population. Homeless is defined as a person or people not having a permanent residence or dwelling place. Mayor Schell’s Zero Homeless strategy was written to help combat the serious issue of homeless citizens in Seattle. Mayor Schell’s declaration was very pure ad heart felt concerning the homeless. He made decree that some may have viewed as an unrealistic goal. His firm decree declared that by Christmas of 1998 there would be no homeless families with children or single women out on the street. This was a great goal for a six month period and definitely not attainable. There are several reasons, taken from the public administration literature, why the strategy is not likely to be appropriate in this case. Principally, as Ring & Perry (1985)......

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...church ran a home for homeless men for 10 years in Brooklyn, New York. Most people have this preconceived notion that all homeless people have mental issues and dangerous. But it amazed me over the 10 years of volunteering at the shelter and seeing these men coming and go and learning of the circumstances that cause them to become homeless. Homelessness has been and still is a social problem that has been and epidemic in our society. But with the increase in homeless, comes the challenges facing our health care facilities regarding access to health care. According to Nickasch,B.(2009) Homeless individuals expend tremendous energy on survival strategies such as obtaining food, shelter, and a place to rest (Capponi, 1997; McCormack & Gooding,1993). Only after these basic human needs have been satisfied are they able to focus on their other health issues. There are basic needs that humans need to service such as He contended that all people are born with a set of basic needs that they seek to fulfill. Once the lower needs have been gratified, then the next set of higher needs emerge and fulfillment of them is sought. Maslow described the five basic needs in his "Hierarchy of Human Needs." The first set of needs, physiological, include food, water, shelter, sex, and sleep.(Byrd & Mcneal,2006) Access to HealthCare Besides that they also have certain barriers such as access to health care. Five key conclusions were made: (a) the great majority of homeless people have an......

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...Homeless people in America Name University April 15, 2013 People being homeless Introduction: Now a day’s students face the world overflowing with global inconsistency, no job opportunities, high level of education cost, and increase in the rate of poverty in America. We know that hunger and homelessness is spreading rapidly in the United States. In the resent years, the national poverty rose to the level of 13.2 percent of the population. And nearly 3.5 million people were compelled to sleep in the parks, under bridges, in shelters and cars. In comparison to the high cost of living, low- wages jobs, and high unemployment rates are considered to be the main reason behind the problem for countless Americans to make a choice between food, housing, and other expenses. If the society does not treat this situation as a notional priority and address those in a systematic way the problem will keep continuing with the future generation as well (Alayne Potter, 2011). People Homeless: The United States consists of more than 3.5 million people from all walks of life experiencing the homelessness every year. And 35 percent of homeless populations are families with children, one of the fastest growing sectors of the homeless population. The remaining homeless population consist 23 percent of retired U.S. military people, 25 percent of children under the age of 18, 30 percent of experienced domestic violence, and 20 to 25 percent of people suffering from mental illness....

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...Homelessness in America Shirley Swecker English 121 ABC1248E Homelessness is a great problem throughout the United States. There are between 671,859 to two million people homeless, according to the estimates of the National Law center on Homelessness and Poverty. Homelessness can affect anybody at any time through many situations. There are many reasons people are homeless some stem from natural disaster, to loss of job, to unable to keep bills up, to loss of home, to addiction, and to mental illness and physically and sexually assault. Many fall under federal poverty level and find it hard to bounce back. Many people look down to the homelessness people by thinking they are beneath them and have done wrong to be in the place they are in their lives now. Many people don’t look at the whole picture of what has happened to the person or family has gone through and has endeavored. Most people, whom are homeless, hate to ask for help because they feel that they have ashamed about their situation or they have failed their family. “Since the 1940’s, the issue of homelessness has remained a growing concern with the United States.” I have chosen this topic because a year and a half ago I was homeless. With no place to go and now shelters in my area it was hard to know what to do. I lived in a very rural area and it was not in my area. It was very hard I lived in our car for a while and then in hotels when I had the money. I also had three animals and......

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...in her essay “Homeless,” explains how home is what you make it and it is the little details that make it a home and not the material things. First, over decades a home has been transformed into a new meaning because of the short term use of homes. As a matter of fact, Quindlen states, “Where you lived for three years until you could move onto something else.” Many have lost the sense of home their parents and grandparents had, and replaced it with an impermanent sense of home. A home where you move with your father’s job or to a new town that your parent’s think will benefit their children more (691). As a result, we have come to something even worse. “Homes have stopped being homes. They are now just real estate.” Children do not know what it means to come home and go to their room to do homework because they have never had a room to call their own (691). Actually, some people have just reduced to pulling old pictures out of their bags of what used to be their pride and joy, but has turned into nothing but a disappointment (691). Next, home has been adapted into a new meaning because of societies changing views. Many people refer homeless people to “just homeless.” They make it sound as if that is what the person really is instead of the objects that they do not own (691). Also, a number of Americans think that the homeless need a place to live. They think that there are shelters provided for them, so that should be enough, well to them it is not. The homeless find shame......

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...Summer 2011 ENG102 Literature & Composition Of all the causes of homelessness, this one is the least understood by the public. Two decades ago there were more cheap apartments than were poor people, but now needy households outnumber cheap or rent controlled apartments by about two to one and those odds are increasing daily. Simply put, a lack of affordable housing and the limitations of housing assistance programs have contributed to the current housing crisis and to homelessness. The two best quantitative studies of homelessness are Peter Rossi’s Down and out in America and Martha Burt’s Over the edge. (1) In these books they mention that starting as early as the 1970s the rents rose faster than the ability to pay the increased amounts. Homelessness and poverty are directly linked. Many difficult choices must be made when there are limited resources. Those who have a lower income or a larger family are frequently unable to pay for housing, food, childcare, health care, and all other normal household expenses. What money is earned can cover only some of these needs. Always it is our housing that uses a highest proportion of an income. If you are poor, and barely making it paycheck to paycheck you are just an illness or an accident, away from living on the streets. In 2007, 12.5% of the U.S. population, or 37, 300, 00 million people, lived in poverty. The official poverty rate in 2007 was not statistically different than 2006 (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2007)...

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...Rona Gourdet February 3, 2014 Professor Frantz News Article Review The news article I choose was homeless in America and how it affects us in America. The nation’s economic crisis has deeply affected the lives of millions of Americans. With foreclosures and job layoffs have pulled the rug out from under many families, particularly those living in low-income communities. Deepening poverty is intimately linked with rising levels of homelessness and poor health/hunger for many Americans and children are particularly affecting how society keeps balance. This is an example of the functionalist theory, which means that everything in society works to maintain a balance. Systems are than the sum of its parts; rather, each part of society is functional for the stability of the whole society. The different parts are primarily the institutions of society, each of which is organized to fill different needs and each of which has particular consequences for the form and shape of society. The parts all depend on each other. In this displays to bring all members of society up to a minimal standard of living so that all individuals in society can play a greater, more productive role in contributing to turning the this society around. Homelessness serves a purpose in our society.  According to this perspective, the homeless population is simply one of many interrelated parts of our society that must all work in accord for our society to operate properly. Works Cited 1.......

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...surrounding the homeless. The city council has passed numerous laws to hinder or even harm the city’s homeless population in what seems to be attempts at chasing them away. The most law passed was a policy banning people and organizations from randomly feeding the homeless in public places. My group unanimously agreed that this was ridiculous and inconsiderate. It was mentioned that if the law makers had an ounce of empathy for the people they made those laws against they wouldn’t be so quick to pass such destructive policies. There are stipulations in place surrounding this law like persons feeding the homeless must do so in a place with a bathroom, hand-wash area, and active food supervisor on site. These stipulations make it virtually impossible food ordinary people or small organizations to assist the down and out residents of their city. Not only are these ruthless laws passing, but they’re being enforced critically. There is a 90 year old Ft. Lauderdale resident who refuses to adhere to these new city ordinances and, even after three citations, continues to feed the down trodden community members around him. These aren’t just slaps on the wrist either, the 90 year old man was arrest on three separate occasions and faces a penalty of $500 and up to two months in jail. Are all of these crazy policies attempts to beautify the city? Maybe, it was brought up in our discussion that maybe the city is looking to build up its economy and having a large homeless population......

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...be more done in the state of North Carolina for the homeless. Teresa M. Holmes HS5401 March 14, 2014 Dr. Edward Muldrow Abstract The homeless population is aging faster that the general population in the U.S. As this vulnerable population continues to age, and having to address the health and housing needs is becoming increasing important. This will address overlooked concerns of homeless older adults, including their poor health status and unique care needs, the factors contribute to homelessness in this population, and the costs of homelessness among older adults, including to the U.S. health care system. The majority of homeless populations are people of color. There has been little study of racial differences among the homeless population, and racial finding have not been reported separately for homeless man and women. There is a study which the (MCKV) The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Improvement Act of 2001 which provides funds to local educational agencies (LEAs), is almost a decade old, yet no evaluations of its academic effectiveness have been reported. Social networks analysis has utilized mathematical models and graphical constructs to examine information exchange and diffusion. Poverty has existed in some form in American society and individual shortcomings and inadequacies in explaining the raise of the homeless over the past several decades. Poverty has existed in the some form in America society since the founding of the nation in the......

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...America’s Homeless Veterans We see homeless people every day. We may choose to look at them or maybe we turn away and ignore their presence. We often label them as “Losers” or “Bums”. The one thing we can’t ignore is that we seem to see more and more of them each day and we now see women among their ranks. We rarely stop to think about the persons past, careers they may have had, families that love them, or don’t love them, and we never stop to consider that a lot of these people have served in our Armed Forces. The term, “Homeless Veteran” appalls most of us because we don’t want to think that the country they served, “The United States of America”, has turned its back on these individuals. Doesn’t that imply that “We” have turned our backs on them as well? If the Government is in charge of the care of our Veterans, and we as citizens vote for the people responsible for making decisions on our behalf, isn’t this a direct reflection of us as a society? We tend to vote in favor of the politician who cuts the funding of social programs in the name of saving tax dollars without considering the consequences. There are always consequences. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD, estimates the number of Homeless Veterans at roughly 50,000 on any given night while other sources place that number at roughly 130,000. I have found that all statistics given by any U.S. Government source are always extremely low, perhaps to influence public perception. The...

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...Daniel Kelly Professor Pressmen Eng 102 As I look at the photograph I notice what looks like a homeless person. I am unable to see if it’s a man or women. The person is in an upright fetal position covered by a ripped hunter green coat with fur on the hooded area, which happens to be covering the persons face. The homeless person also has a brown blanket that coverers the lower half. There is also a pair black shoes on the side of the homeless person, which could be worn by both sexes. The homeless person in their upright fetal position is against a wall of a store. There are three women walking, the first one closest to the homeless person, is looking at the homeless person. The following one is looking straight ahead, the third is looking the opposite direction of the homeless person. I notice that the homeless person has some sort of sign laid out on the ground with a paper cup. Anna writes in an essay about being “homeless”, she talks about how she met a woman named Ann. Anna had met Ann in a port authority station, while she was doing a story on the homeless. The lady stated to Anna that it was a waste of time to talk to her: she was just passing through, although she had pass through for a couple of weeks already. Ann Then showed Anna a picture of a house “It looked like a thousand houses in a hundred towns”, not in the suburbs or city but in-between. It had a narrow drive-way, with a one car garage and a back yard. Anna then realized that she knew what Ann was...

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...There are two sides to every story, as if that explains and justifies everything you know what I say when someone tell me that? I say well of course there are two sides to every story. The two stories there are sides to are the cause of been homelessness in America is not something that was created overnight, it’s been around for a long time; often we choose not to see the homeless, or bother them, so we think it’s alright to look the other way. We frequently falsely accuse homeless people to be existing/former drug abusers or once patients released from mental institutions. Homelessness is not a disease that you can catch if you come in contact with a homeless person, but it certainly has afflicted many of us. Isn’t this the country called the “Land of Opportunity”, while there’s millions of Americans deprived of such success-but why? There has been 4 major trends that are largely responsible for the rise of homelessness over the past 25 years: a growing shortage of affordable rental housing, a rise in the increase of poverty, and an increase in mental illness and chemical dependency. The shortage of low rent housing in the US reached a record high in 1995 when the number of low income renter households exceeded the number of low cost rental units by 4.4 million (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities). The shortage of affordable housing grew extraordinary even in the 1990s despite the strong economic growth. Between 1991-95, when the recession of the early 1990s reached......

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...we often take for granted on a regular basis and the privileges in which many individuals in the United States disregard because we have everything at our disposal. There are many people living among us who don’t have the command essentials to survive, but many homeless individuals face these ordeals daily and their life’s as they knew it has been replaced with false hope and broken dreams. There are far too many of our citizens within this country we call home living on the streets without a place to call home. Wearing only the cloths on their backs; eating out of the trash, stealing, and at times prostitution, and all because they have no one to reach out or no place to turn for help. Homelessness The dilemma of homelessness is an issue in our society that is largely ignored. It seems as if the problem of homelessness is invisible to many and at times hardly noticed. When people do recognize individuals who are homeless they automatically view them as beggars who need to go get a job or someone who uses drugs and mentally ill people who are beyond help. However you view the problem and the judgment in which you pose, the clear crucial point remains; they are homeless because they are incapable or unwilling to help themselves. These sorts of beliefs provides a more disturbing truth; and that is for many in our society today we think that doing nothing is easier; and helping those who are already on the streets will not make a......

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...HOMELESS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA So who exactly are Homeless? According to the Stewart McKinney Act (1994)[1], a person is considered as homeless if he/she is not able to acquire a “fixed”, “regular” and “adequate nighttime residence” and has a primary nighttime residence that is either used as a place to accommodate people on temporary basis, e.g. motels, rehabilitation centers, shelter homes, etc., or a place that is intended to be used as an institution, e.g. schools, hostels, etc., or a place that is not intended to be used as a nighttime residence (temporary or permanent) i.e. places like public parks, bus stops, subways, streets, etc. So this concludes our definition of Homeless. Now we shall take a look at some statistics obtained through reliable national data sources. Speaking broadly, people face homelessness because they cannot afford suitable housing. In fact, homelessness is clearly visible in urban areas of the country, where people lag enough resources to meet their housing requirements and eventually end up homeless. Homelessness can attributed to lack of money, higher living costs, scarcity of economic residence, etc. Moreover, data gathered by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, through point-in-time count shows that; a) There are 610,042 people facing the problem of homelessness on any given night in America[2] i.e. almost 19 people in 10,000 will be suffering from Homelessness. b) Of these homeless people, 222,197......

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...Homelessness in America seems to happen with alarming frequency. Homelessness affects millions of Americans each year, with approximately one third of the population suffering from severe mental disorders. It is a devastating experience for families. Every year, the United States conduct an enumeration of homeless people around the nation. These reports of homeless people conducted by the National Alliance to End Homelessness are based on the definition set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in what is commonly known as a “point-in -time” count. Point-in-time counts are the only measure that captures unsheltered persons experiencing homelessness. Last year's point-in-time count is the most recent national estimate of homelessness in the United States. As of January 2013, the national count of unsheltered people experiencing homelessness decreases by 11.6% between 2012 and 2013. There is a common misconception that homelessness is an issue that only pertains to single men and women, but in reality over 600,000 families a year will experience homelessness. The problems of family homelessness are not solely restricted to urban areas; rural area and suburban communities are increasingly plagued by the problem. The three main reasons for the abundance of dispossessed families within America are the following: 1) the lack of affordable housing, 2) poverty, and 3) mental illness. In today's society, these causes are the main contributors......

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