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The scientific method is a process to systematically investigate observations, solve problems and test hypotheses.
1. The first step to scientific method is to state the problem. It is important to clearly state what your problem is to avoid any confusion later in the scientific method.
2. The second step to scientific method is making observations about the problem. The scientific method consists of a series of steps used by scientists to conduct experiments. The word observation has two meanings in scientific method, first there the scientists observation of the world as it leads to the hypothetical theory (a theory that lacks merit) This is the first step of scientific method and can be presented in two ways either as a natural observation or a staged one, Second in the collection of data in a experiment using the scientific method there are two observations ,Qualitive and Quantive.
The third step to scientific method is the hypothesis (a proposed explanation for a phenomenon) for a hypothesis to be scientific hypothesis; the scientific method requires that one can test it.
4. The fourth step to scientific method is the experiment to test an hypothesis. The experiment must be unbiased in nature meaning that scientists cannot create an experiment that will favor the outcome that they predicted in their hypothesis
5. The fifth and final step in scientific method is to draw a conclusion. Scientists draw conclusions by examining the data from an experiment and there are two outcomes. Either the experiment supported the hypothesis and can be regarded as true, or the experiment disproved the hypothesis as false.

The difference between science and technology are that where science is a systematically knowledge base where a series of steps is followed in order to reliably predict the type of…...

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