Hollister and Guess

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Hollister and Guess
A. Location Factors
Both of Hollister and Guess are located in Downtown Seattle. It is a community shopping center.
B. Exterior Atmospherics
It is not hard to find the parking there, but the parking is very expensive, about $10/hours.
C. Interior Atmospherics
An equally interesting fact about the two retailers is related to the store environment they offer. In general is a combination of many elements: music, temperature, odor, lighting, layout, decoration, even the sales associates they hire, and others, many of these elements influence shoppers’ behavior playing with their emotions, perceptions and physiological states.
- Hollister is strongly targeting to teen-young adults (18-22 years old), who are trendy, good looking and with a lot of sex appealing. As soon as you enter the store a combination of stimulus attacks you, from the extremely loud music, the smell of their signature perfume all over the cloth, poor lighting, good looking sales associates and huge pictures of models all over the store, what are they trying to sell? Excitement, sex, fun, social spaces using lounge furniture, it’s all about being young, pretty and popular. For sure is not the most relaxing ambiance for parents, who most likely wait outside the store until the kids choose whatever they want to buy. But at the end of the day, it’s not about the parents; it’s about the teenagers having a place to be that person they are trying to be.
- On the other hand, most of the customers of Guess are in their mid 20’s to 40 years old who wants to look good, sophisticated and chic. They sell mostly an image of fashionable work wear/smart businesswoman. Guess decorates their stores with the high ceilings, bright lighting, minimalism vibe, spacious merchandising spaces, neutral color, Persian carpets, and classic music, it’s about giving the customers a feeling of relaxing…...

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