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How I met my best friend
A friend is someone who will always be available whether things are good on your side or bad. It is not easy to find a best friend since in some cases some friends are always only available when things are good and nowhere when you get in trouble. My case is the same. I have had many friends but only one best friend. It took me a long time to meet him until I joined the high school in 2014. Commonly known as Mike, Michael is one of the most interesting persons I have ever met in my life. He has been with me for a long time and has helped me in many ups and downs of life.
The morning was very unusual, and things were happening quickly. I had just woken up and realized that I had slept longer than I had expected. My mother, Selina was already at the yard watering the flowers. Recently she was blaming the global warming for the harsh weather conditions that made some of her flowers to wither. Feeling a little bit embarrassed, I headed straight to the garage and picked a watering can so that I can give a hand. ‘Good morning Seth?’ my mother greeted mine with a smile on her face which I never took for happiness. ‘I am sorry I am late in bed’, I ignored her greeting. ‘It is alright son’ she responded splashing the water with the horse pipe.
‘Are you feeling nervous?’ My mother asked as if she wanted to remind me of something. It was this time I remembered that I was going to join high school. ‘How could you have forgotten your big day son?’ My mother asked again as if she was impatient to wait for my response. Instead of answering her, I rushed to our living room where I found my father preparing my luggage. ‘Congratulations son, you are now a high school student.’ I never believed it until we passed the traffic jam that was pushing its way into the high school homestretch. The registration did…...

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