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Project Assignment for a Course Global Business Environment

Course code IBU2LF001

Responsible teacher(s) Sami Hartikainen and Janne Jokinen,

Project title Entering into a new market


You are about to finish your Global Business Environment course and feel eager to face new challenges. You have a job as a new-business manager at a Finland based Venture Capital Company specialising in investments/acquisitions (capital infusions into start-up companies) with societal values.

You look for suitable target companies abroad and have spotted a Palo Alto (US) based company Integrated Plasmonics. This nanotechnology company is developing to make an ultracheap, all-purpose medical diagnostic device. The chip would measure cholesterol levels, glucose levels, blood counts, kidney function and the like. Because of the price one would know by using this device on a daily basis what is happening in one´s body. Plasmonics chip promises a real-time, low-cost biochemical snapshot of the human body, driving sweeping changes in health care, saving lives and money.

Integrated Plasmonics is currently operating in a stealth mode…

You see the potential in the company as it fits into your investment values. You want to acquire a share of the company (make an capital infusion into it). There are different transaction options and after investment also a shareholders agreement should be done…?

Your task is to analyse and understand the economic, financial and legal risks, when planning a company’s entry to a new market (in this case acquiring a part of an existing foreign company).
The project is done in teams. The given tasks are divided between the members. The teams work according to a written project plan, where the tasks for each member are listed. The plan will be given to the…...

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