Hero’s Journey of the Dead Poet’s Society

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Hero’s Journey of the Dead Poet’s Society

Religion in Film

“Carpe diem... Seize the day, boys, make your lives extraordinary.”
-Robin Williams (John Keating)
Written by Tom Schulman
Directed by Peter Weir

An English teacher with ideas of free thinking teaches his students not only to think for themselves, but helps to establish a love of poetry.

Ultimately, the movie Dead Poet’s Society fills me with nostalgia for New England between its brilliant display of tradition, prep schools and brilliant autumn sceneries. This movie has since sat at the top of my list of favorites since its inception into the theater in 1989.
LANDMARKS OF THE JOURNEY Set at the best boy’s prep school in New England, this story introduces us to motivated and impressionable young lads who are inspired and moved by their English teacher, John Keating who was once a student at the same academy. While all the boys we meet have various teenage angst with which they face, there are three main characters who undergo intense transformations as they are faced with different conflicts (INMOST CAVE) that they must face. Neil Perry, the driven lad with a passion for acting must face his father’s strict guidelines for what he has planned for his son. Todd Anderson faces the pressures of following the footsteps of his popular and successful older brother. Struck by the beauty of an unavailable young girl, Knox Overstreet seeks his inner romantic and forges on with being led by his heart in order to win over the affections of said girl. The more we learn about John Keating, the more inspired the boys become in leading these inner battles of life and face their fears head-on. We also learn that John Keating’s passion of poetry and living a full free life has led him to a love of teaching. While he is inspired by the boys as much as they are inspired by him,…...

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