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This is an autobiography of Herb Schmidt as told to Rhonda Schmidt in July of 2011. Herb was 93 years old at the time and his memory of past events was crystal clear.

November 24, 1917, I was born in West Alton, Missouri to George Schmidt and Mary Smith Stormer. I was the sixth of eight kids: Bertha, Bill, Frank, Charlie, George, me, Albert and Ed. It was so cold in 1917 that my Mom could not give me a bath for 9 days.

[pic] (George & Mary Schmidt, Bertha, Charlie, Bill, Frank, Albert, Herb, George, Ed)


(This photo taken in July of 2011. This is all that remains of the Schmidt
Homeplace on Red School Road in West Alton, Missouri. Herb was 93 at the time this photo was taken.)

I went to the Red School. I had to walk one mile to school. It was one big room and we had up to 35 kids with only one teacher. There were eight grades. Grades 1 thru 4 were taught every year, but grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 were taught every other year; like if 5th was taught this year then 6th would be taught the next year and the same with grades 7 and 8. The brighter kids helped the slower kids. Albert always needed help. I don’t think he graduated. I took an exam on Health and the teacher did not know how to record it because I got 100%. The year I graduated there were 4 kids who graduated from 8th grade. Because of my late birthday, I was almost 7 when I started school. Ruth Genesco was the teacher in the late years. We had one teacher that got scared when the river rose and she left and never returned. There was an old lady who boarded the teacher. Our last teacher was not boarded, she lived with her Mom and married a baseball player from the House of David. He would come and play pitch and…...

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