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Christian Engineering Education Conference

June 23-25, 1999 at the
JAARS Facility of Wycliffe Bible Translators
Waxhaw, North Carolina

The Mission of Christian College Engineering Programs for Y2K and Beyond



The goal of these conferences is to glorify God, to foster community among Christian engineering educators, and to encourage and challenge each other in our work of kingdom building. Abraham Kuyper, one of the great thinkers within the Reformed tradition of Christianity, has said that there is not one square centimeter of the creation that is not claimed by Christ. As Christian engineering educators of whatever tradition, we seek to stake that claim in our discipline, exploring how our faith impacts our teaching, our profession, and the technological products we design. In this proceedings you will find seven papers that span several areas of interest: philosophical questions as well as practical matters, changing ABET requirements, and mission statements, to name a few. We hope you find these papers encouraging and enlighteningchallenging. May God be glorified…...

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...When most people hear the name J. Edgar Hoover they think of a man who was very powerful. He was a criminologist and became the man who changed the Bureau of Investigation to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and remain at his position for 48 years until his death in 1972. Hoover worked hard to achieve his prestige and success, but he was not an honest man. Hoover was a blackmailing, prejudice, and manipulating man who was jealous of other people’s accomplishment and used his position to benefit himself and burry who he once was. J. Edgar Hoover was born in born in Washington, D.C., on January 1, 1895. Born to Dickerson Naylor Hoover and Annie Marie Scheitlin Hoover, Edgar was the youngest of the three. Hoover did well during his time in high school, playing an active role in the school’s ROTC program he was always very focused and became the valedictorian of his class. After high school he took a job at the Library of Congress, and in three years made it through George Washington University’s law program. After Hoover had successfully passed the bar in 1917 in that same year he joined the U.S. Department of Justice. Hoover’s first job in the Department of Justice was as a clerk in the files division, in less than a year he was promoted. He was known for his enthusiasm and his strong attention to detail. After many men of Hoover’s age group registered for the war his promotions came one after another until he reached the top and......

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...he took office that even by 1936, voters still blamed Herbert Hoover and the Republicans. And crucially, the economy had begun to recover by 1936, if slowly. Obama's timing has been less fortunate. He rode the financial crisis to victory, but he inherited the recession that came with it. Because the recession deepened after his election, he had much greater difficulty pinning the blame on his predecessor than Roosevelt did. And while Obama succeeded in keeping the economy from sliding into a depressive abyss, he got little credit, an injustice that reveals a cruel fact of American politics: It is better to inherit a disaster than to avert one. Brandt may see Obama in FDR's spot but the more accurate comparison would be with his predecessor. Hoover was "a self-described Progressive and Reformer" (Wikipedia). He "saw the presidency as a vehicle for improving the conditions of all Americans by regulation" (Wikipedia). His Federal Home Loan Bank Act, was designed to reduce foreclosures. He increased taxes for the rich from 25% to 63%. He raised corporate taxes 15%. His Emergency Relief and Construction Act was a stimulus bill that funded work programs. He created the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) that was a kind of TARP providing government-secured loans to banks, railroads and farmers. He caused Stock Exchange practices to be reformed. According to Wikipedia, Roosevelt attacked Hoover for "reckless and extravagant" spending, of......

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...For nearly half a century J. Edgar Hoover was one of the most powerful officials in the Federal government of the United States. As head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1924 until his death in 1972, he was the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. His intimate knowledge of politicians and government operations made him a man to be feared by elected officials, and none of the eight presidents under whom he served dared fire him. J.Edgar Hoover was born on January 1, 1895, in Washington D.C. He attended George Washington University and earned a degree in 1917. In 1919 he became assistant to Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer in the Department of Justice. It was Palmer who instigated the post World War I “red scare,” an anti-Communist hysteria that led to the deportation of many aliens. Hoover was put in charge of the deportations. When Hoover became director of the Bureau in 1924, he quickly formed an elite force of powerful law enforcement officers. He enhanced the FBI’s fame by capturing many gangsters, bank robbers, and other lawbreakers. After World War II he waged a relentless fight against internal subversion. The 1970’s often criticized Hoover for his authoritarian methods. He died in Washington, D.C., on May 2, 1972. In the rest of the paper I will explain more in depth of how J. Edgar Hoover rose to power and why he is considered one of the most corrupt men to ever hold a government position. It is not very difficult to figure out the most outstanding......

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...demand and later of production. The result was enormously falling production and rising unemployment and by 1932, U.S. manufacturing output had fallen to 54 percent of its 1929 level, and unemployment had risen to between 12 and 15 million workers. Cochran (1968) reported that “By this time it was clear that the decline in the economy was accentuated by the crash. Almost all indices were off at an increasing rate” (p. 7). However, what many people do not know or contemplate is how The Great Depression started. Responding to the following questions will help reveal the causes: 1. Could one cause be of the Great Depression the Stock Market Crash of 1929? 2. What role did the Federal Reserve play? 3. Could have ex-president Herbert Hoover have prevented the Great Depression? 4. What role did the Dust Bowl play? To find out the real causes of The Great Depression that could help understand it and if there is anything that could be solution to prevent a second Great Depression from happening and so there will not be any pain or suffering. Could one cause of The Great Depression be the Stock Market Crash of 1929? Although the stock market has the status of being a dangerous investment, it was not like that way in the 1920s. Also, with the feeling of the country excited, the stock market looked a really reliable investment in the future and as more people invested in the stock market the more stock prices started to rise and this was seen in 1925. In......

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...Herbert Hoover Vicki L.Ware HIST102 Heidi Kyle November 24, 2014 Hebert Hoover This short paper will look at what things that Herbert Hoover he accomplished that endeared him to the American public and set up his successful Presidential run in 1928. The paper will also look at his Quaker roots, lack of knowledge concerning the Washington political highway, and poor communication skills that prevent the American people from re-electing him in the 1932 Presidential campaign. And not knowing prior to the 1932 election what programs he was instituting during the Great Depression that could have potentially gotten him re-elected in 1932. As with all history, historians read, interpret and then write their findings in documentation as to whether or not a historic event or person lived up to what the expectation of the outcome at that point and time. When discussing whether or not Herbert Hoover succeeded or not during his Presidency one must take into account is background. Herbert Clark Hoover was born in 1874 into a Quaker family, which influenced his entire life. Mr. Hoover learned from his Quaker roots “that men are not mere abstractions but that they are individual units of a social order”1. This doctrine set in place the building blocks on how Mr. Hoover view the world and for his sense of justice and fair play. Research point out that true to his Quaker roots Mr. Hoover believed that all business transactions should be tempered with a sense of justice and......

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...Leksioni publik i Herbert Simon “Administrata në botën e sotme të organizatave dhe tregjeve” Dr, Herbert në këtë video jep një leksion për nder të John M. Gaus. Në dokumetat e tij ende gjenden disa letra të Dr.Gaus drejtuar një kolegu të ri si ai rreth viteve ’50. Sipas tij puna e Gaus së bashku me Leon O’ Ëolcott sot vazhdon të hedhë dritë të vlefshme mbi faktin se si organizatat krijohen dhe të rriten, shpesh nën ndikimin e teknologjisë. Në fakt, analiza GAUS dhe Ëolcott e ndërveprimit të ndërveprimit, ndryshimit organizativ dhe teknologjik rezonon fort me interesin e sotëm në proceset dhe normat e rritjes së organizatave publike dhe bizneseve. Studimi mbi Organizatat Komplekse Sipas Dr.Herbert ekonomite noeklasike kanë krijuar një kuadër të unifikuar për të shpjeguar pothuaj të gjitha sjelljet e njeriut. Kjo kornize neoklasike mori një ekuilibër statik dhe gjithnjë e më tepër vëmëndja përqëndrohej drejt fenomeneve dinamike dhe pasigurive më të mëdha apo sistemeve sociale komplekse. Sipas tij, sot ekonomia është në një gjëndje mjaft kaotike dhe të corganizuar, në kërkim të mekanizmave ekonomike alternative dhe në kërkim të racionalitetit të njeriut. Ai shtron gjithashtu pyetjen se përse në këtë shoqëri moderne kemi tregje, përse kemi organizata dhe cfarë e determinon kufirin midis këtyre dy mekanizmave? Këto pyetje shkojnë në zemër të roleve qe kanë insitucionet e ndryshme politike dhe administrative, publike dhe private në këtë shoqëri bashkëkohore....

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...I. Synopsis: Case: The HOOVER COMPANY, Plaintiff, v. BISSELL INC., Defendant. No. 5:98-CV-1088. United States District Court, N.D. Ohio, Eastern Division. March 19, 1999. A. The Hoover Company History: Hoover vacuum cleaners have markets in the United States and Canada. In addition to vacuum cleaners, Hoover also produces and sells high quality washers and dryers. Maytag acquired The Hoover Company in 1989, providing Maytag an important foothold in the highly competitive international market. The company roots back to 1827, when Henry Hoover established a plant near Canton, OH. 80 years later led to him and his sons selling vacuum cleaners after purchasing rights to an electric suction sweeper, which was invented a year before by a guy named Murray Spangler. In 1908, Hoover bought Spangler’s patent, kept him as a partner and soon named the company Hoover Suction Sweeper Co. Hoover than began marketing the sweeper in stores all throughout the country. By 1921, Hoover had gone global and by 1923, sales reached $23 million. Hoover today specializes in all floor care and is a continued leader in the industry (Hoover: Fundinguniverse, 2006). B. Bissell Inc. Company History In 1876, Melville Bissell began marketing his carpet sweeper invention with revolving brushes. The revolving brushes picked up the dust and dirt and deposited it inside the sweeper housing. Being dependent on the rotation of the wheels to drive the sweeping mechanism, it only removed debris......

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