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Her Story

Jedee Santil Domiclong 1/1/2011

A skinny girl in her hospital dress was staring at the horizon, feeling the cold breeze of November on the edge of a cliff. Haering the wind, and the waves of the water crashing to the rocks. Her name is Trissia.
"Why? Why did You take everything from me? Did I do something wrong? I trusted You but You betrayed me? What did I ever disgrace You for?"
She smiled bitterly and look up at the dark sky.
"I remember 8 years ago when You took my everything. We were 6 in the family, my parents, twin younger sister at age 7, my youngest brother at age 5 and me, the eldest at 10. My parents were wealthy, we live in a two-storey house with a lot of flowers outside, we've always have a close bond.
One day mom and dad went to a business conference, so I volunteered myself to look out for my siblings, I love taking care of them, my parents trusted me so I performed my duty well, not until in the late afternoon. Three men in black with matching masks came through the door by smashing it. I was shocked, I felt fear, my sisters and brother were taking a nap that time, I didn't know what to do that I couldn't move, they started to look something, they turned the house upside down, I knew then that they were up to no good at all. I prayed silently, I know He wouldn't let something happen to us. Yes of course, He wouldn't let something bad happen to us. Minutes later they got furious because they seemed not to find what they were looking for. That time they came to me..."
GUY1: You must be the eldest? Then you should know where the vault is?
"..I didn't know they were saying I was just a child, what should I know about things, what I only know is He won't leave is. He would defenitely save is, from all these. Yes. My sisters and brother will be safe, everyone will. He asked again but I really don't know, I just shook…...

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