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Forever And Always
Kasey Comfort

It started out simple like something new
I knew from the beginning there was just something about you.

I loved the way you smiled and the way you laughed
We were on different roads until the roads came to one path.

When you asked me out the butterflies came they came in my heart and I was never the same.

We became one at the same time we were best friends
You said "Forever and always" and I thought it would never end.

It was like that for a while and I lived for your kiss you told me I was beautiful and I felt such total bliss.

But one night, your mind changed and you turned it all around
You brought me up so high just to tear me back down.

After that it was never the same and I cried for all those days now I think I finally realize forever doesn't mean for always.

why Do I Love You?
By: Meg
You make me smile when I'm having a bad day.
You make me laugh at everything you say.

You're always there no matter where you are.
You come rushing towards me even if you're very far.

You enjoy my company
You smile when you see me.
You're interested in what I have to say
You like me for more than what you see.

When I'm afraid
You're there to hold me tight.
You tell me you love me and that everything is gonna be alright.

You give me so much more that I could ever give.
I want you in my life forever for as long as I…...

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