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The Warrior Hector
Hector is the eldest son of Priam, the king of Trojan. Being the first-born and the bravest among the Trojan warriors, he is the rightful heir of the kingdom. His leadership skills receive praises since he is a thoughtful leader. Moreover, many people admire him as a result of his devotion to his family, friends, and the community. As such, Hector’s character represents a great son, a caring husband to Andromache, a father, and a trusted friend. As the heir to the throne, Hector already shows responsibility to the community by defending it and advocating for justice for all the people. Hector’s leadership helps Trojan defeat the Achaeans by pushing them back to their ships and later burning them. However, just like many other warriors, he is also full of pride.
Hector is a great man who is family-oriented. The motivation for Hector’s fighting is the responsibility to his family, as well as, the city. His parents are the leaders of Troy; his father is the king and his mother the queen. As he fights for the protection of his city, Hector is also protecting his parents. Moreover, his interactions with his wife and son show a high level of responsibility for their wellbeing. Hector shows his love for the family when he holds his child in his arms and prays for him. He prays to Jove their God to make his child follow his footsteps or even perform better. He continues to pray that he becomes the hero that his mother will be proud of when he goes battling to revenge the lives of their soldiers (McCarty, Ambrus & Homer, 2004).
Hector is also a man who is performing his duties as required. He even goes ahead to criticize his brother Paris claiming that he lacks the courage to fight for his city even after leading it to the trouble that resulted in war. He criticizes Paris saying that he has brought disgrace upon himself for stealing another man’s woman.…...

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