Healthy Living and Common Health Problems

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I’m currently under stress and I’m afraid that I can’t withstand it. There is a college stressor related to time pressures that time is insufficient for me to handle dozens of approaching assignment deadlines as I still even not yet finished any of them. Moreover, I have the concern of future worries that I’m still waiting for offers from universities. Job-related stressor such as the likelihood of being laid off from my part-time job due to the downsizing of the company also affects me at this moment and this triggers my financial concerns since the job is my major financial source and I may not be able to maintain my daily life if I lose my job.
Suffering from several symptoms allows me to recognize I’m under great stress. Frequent tension headaches hinder my concentration on work and reduce my efficiency that even forms a vicious cycle with the stress level. Stiff neck and aching lower back also affect my attention during lectures. I tend to become emotionally instable that I am anxious and depressed when I am staying alone and I always think of something that is negative. Moreover, my eating habit is changed that I consume much more than I used to be and harsh criticisms of others are made by me during the discussions of projects with my group mates. Therefore, I realized that my daily life is being influenced by the stress.
Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. I feel relaxed and my anxiety decreased when I take long walks between home and school everyday since having great stress. I’m more energetic to handle challenges after exercise. I also realize the importance of time management because time is limited. I set priorities for my tasks and mainly focus on and schedule those essential and important ones such as the deadlines at night, when is the most productive period of a day. Visualization also helps that I imagine I finally receive an offer from…...

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