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Part 1 Quality Data,
a) 75% of hospital patients would recommend the hospital, 67% Maryland average, and 71% national average.
b) The rate of readmission for Pneumonia patients is not available for the hospital or the national rate due to data suppressed for one or more quarters by CMS.
c) 9.4% of patients at P.R.M.C had a follow-up mammogram, within 45 days, compared to the Maryland average of 9.5% and national average of 8.8%.
Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, Maryland is above the Maryland and National averages when it comes to recommending the hospital to other people. This hospital rated at average of above average on all questions pertaining to the patients stay, such as level of noise, cleanliness, and information received. The hospital rates all reflect a high level of personal care and attention. The hospital should continue to be heavily patient focused. The rate of follow up mammograms indicates a low-level of cancer missed and a low rate of unnecessary testing. There is no data for readmission with Pneumonia because the “Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are not reporting five admission measures and one complication measure due to an issue with categorization of hospitals as better, worse and no different than the national average.” ( July 9,2013). Since Peninsula rates so highly on patient satisfaction with staff interactions it is important for the hospital to maintain satisfied employees and high morale within their staff.
Part 2 Financial Data,
a) Total Revenue Current Year –$389,456,366
b) Total Expenses Current Year - $375,429,637
C) Revenue less Expenses Current Year – $14,026,729
d) Total Liabilities Current Year - $196,739,340

e) Net Assets or Fund Balances Current Year - $311,227,930
Based on line 19 (revenue less expenses) my hospital made $14,026,729 this year. My hospital has a positive…...

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