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Clean Hands
Near Vision Card/ Snellen Eye Chart
Tongue Blade
Cotton Balls/Cotton Tipped Applicator
Cup of Water
Lemon Juice, Sugar, Salt




 Visible skin
 Facial expression/Mood (Grimace, Flat
Affect, Pleasant, Distress, SOB)
 Nutritional Status (Cachexia, Obesity,
 Grooming/Hygiene (UnKempt, Neat,
Poor Hygiene)
 Gross Anatomical Deformities



• Integument
• Color



 Asymmetry
 Border irregularity
 Color
 Diameter


Condition of nails reflects: General health
State of nutrition
Level of self-care





 Orientation (person, place, time, purpose)  12 Cranial Nerves/Sensation
 Glascow Coma Scale


Spinal Accessory



Lymph Nodes

• Anterior Eyes
• Eyelashes
• Conjunctivae
• Tear Ducts


Six Cardinal Fields of Gaze
Visual Acuity
Cover-Uncover Test
Peripheral Vision
Ophthalmic Exam


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...Home Page » Other Topics Family Health Assessment In: Other Topics Family Health Assessment Family Health Assessment Karen Youngblood Grand Canyon University February 02, 2012 Family Health Assessment Gordon’s functional health patterns is a method developed by Marjorie Gordon in 1987 proposed functional health patterns as a guide establishing a comprehensive nursing data base(Kriegler & Harton, 1992). Gordon’s11 functional health patterns are; health perception/ health management, nutrition, pattern of elimination, activity/ excerise, cognitive, sleep/ rest, self perception/ self concept, roles/ relationships, sexuality, coping/ stress and values/ beliefs. By using these categories it’s possible to create a systematic and standardized approach to data collection and enables the nurse to determine the following aspects of health and human function (Kriegler & Harton, 1992). I have completed a family assessment on the Semanovich family using the 11function health patterns created by Gordon. I assessed the family by asking question from each category of the functional health patterns and will briefly discussion my findings in this paper. Health perception and values are focus on the individual’s perception of their health and their beliefs and values (Edelman, 2010). The health perception of the Semanovich family seen to be center around maintaining their current health by annual checkups, immunization for the kids and eating healthy. Eating...

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