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Hey you, what’s your dream?
Hey you, what’s your dream?
Hey you, what’s your dream?
Is that all your dream is?
I wanna big house, big cars & big rings
But actually, I don’t have any big dreams
Haha, I live quite comfortably
Even if I don’t dream, no one says anything
Everyone is thinking the same way as me
I completely forgot about my childhood when I had a lot of dreams
Don’t worry about college, I’ll at least go to a school that’s far away
Ok mom, I’m going to the library right now
What is the you that you’ve dreamed of?
Who do you see in the mirror? I gotta say
Go on your path, even if you live for a day
Do something, put away your weakness
Why aren’t you saying anything?
You don’t wanna study but you’re scared to quit school?
See, you’re already getting ready for school
Please grow up, you’re all talk dude, you have a glass mentality boy
(Stop) Ask yourself if you’ve ever worked hard for anything
Hey you, what’s your dream?
Hey you, what’s your dream?
Hey you, what’s your dream?
Is that all your dream is?
That’s a lie, you such a liar
See me, see me, ya you’re a hypocrite
Why are you telling to go a different path? Take care of yourself
Please don’t force me
(Lalalalala) What’s your dream, what’s your dream?
(Lalalalala) Is that it? Is that it?
Sick of the same day, the repeating days
Grown-ups and my parents keep instilling confined dreams to me
Number one future career is a government worker?
It’s not a forced dream, a ninth inning relief pitcher
Throw a fast ball at the waste of time that is night study sessions
Rebel against the hellish society, dreams are a special pardon
Ask yourself about your dream profile
Become the main subject of your life that has always been suppressed
What is the you that you’ve dreamed of?
Who do you see in the mirror? I gotta say
Go on your path, even if you live for a day

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...A Happy Meal for the Mind When I was a little girl I always thought it was a treat to visit McDonalds. This magical place had a giant play-place, ice cream, French fries and of course that special surprise toy contained inside the happy meal. What else could I have wanted? This world lost all of its glamour however, when I became a teen who experienced the inner workings of this land from the side of employment. I will never forget the place that was to be my first experience of the working world. My Fifteenth birthday had just passed and this meant I was finally old enough to enter the work force. So I went to the only place in the area that would hire a kid without experience or a driver’s license, McDonalds. Now, I wasn't entirely thrilled about the idea of working in this environment but if I wanted to get a car in the next year it was off to work for me. Somewhat sullenly, I donned my uniformed baseball cap and made my way behind the service counter. Feeling a little nervous, I fumbled as I attempted to tie my apron behind my back. I began to wonder what I might be assigned to do first. "Well, as long as I can work behind the scenes and avoid talking to people I should be okay." I thought. Standing motionless, I observed the fast-food frenzied scene. Employees were running here and there yelling to one another, order screens were flashing, various machines were......

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